Update on Physio

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Well it's now 4 weeks post op and been to second physio session I still haven't got the magic 90% but the swelling and bruising has gone down a lot thanks to icing and exercise. I managed 71% which is an improvement from 60% she said my leg is good straightening etc. I tried a pedal device and actually managed to turn it all the way round so I have just ordered one from Amazon. I am now going to a gym class at the hospital next week that should be fun !!! need to get this bend but as the muscles haven't worked properly for a number of years they have to be taught to work again. The pain is subsiding and have managed to reduce the painkillers quite a bit been a bit afraid to leave too many off just in case it comes back perhaps I am too cautious keep you informed Wendy


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    Hi Wendy

    Well you know that sounds like you are doing really well!! A big iprovement on the 60deg!

    Cutting down painkillers and using a pedal thingy too :)

    You will get the magic 90deg or near enough l am sure. It's been ages since you ahve been able to use those muscles hasn't it?


    Toni xx
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    Wendy you really are doing well...I am sure the 90d will come...dont forget everyone is so different in there recovery...you keep going has you are and you will get there xx
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    Well done Wendy, I hope things continue to improve.
    All the best,