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Im totally and utterly confuddled there are so many websites out there and I keep going off at a tangent
Which are the best websites for information on ESA Tribunals mine is coming up soon and I want to be on the ball
I have conflicting and confusing information from DWP and Atos I even managed to change sex!!!
I just want to win my appeal and hopefully help others
I think my situation is different than most as I will be getting my Ill Health retirement pension through so I have claimed from Sept 27th till 13th March this year so will not need to claim ESA from the
I know Im entitled to ESA as it was calculated on my NI contributions which I have paid over 30yrs
Sorry for the long letter any information will be greatly welcomed


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    Hi Maria,

    I'm not surprised you're confuddled. ESA is the most convoluted and confusing benefit known to man, woman or small furry animal. As you'd need a Phd in advanced bureaucracy to fully understand it, it's not surprising that much of the information relating to it is conflicting.

    However all is not lost. The best website by a country mile (imho) is here:

    You might need to subscribe in order to get access to all their info but it's worth it.

    Best of luck
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    Thanks Paul
    I'm heading for that site now
    I'm totally disgusted with the way Atos and DWP treat our conditions
    I don't class myself as disabled but just taking everything at a slower pace
    390 million pounds is the cost of Atos to the government and they think its a good deal!
    How much of that could be used on the benefits to disabled people
    They need to get rid of half a million of us on benefits well get rid of Atos there's the saving
    I'm just horrified to see this happening as usual it's all abt saving money so stop paying Atos simple! But oh no can't do that
    I've just stopped myself going off on one
    I just get so mad that so many disabled people are treat so badly

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