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I went for an assessment to renew my blue badge this morning. My husband came with me. We had both booked a day holiday from our respective jobs. I was asked if I had retired. I am 57, & said 'No, I work 30 hours'. The assessor classed that as full time. She asked how I manage shopping & cooking? I said 'My husband does it, & to wash up I have to do it in stages'. I was asked to perform a weird exercise of closing my eyes with my forearms crossed over my chest. I told her it felt odd & I didn't wish to keep my eyes closed. I actual fact I felt really stupid. I wasn't there for a medical for an inner ear condition. She sat at one side of a long desk & to use the chair with arms I had to sit some way from her. Was this a Fawlty Towers interview?
I noticed the fire door had a chair in front of it, & I thought how ridiculous for disabled people in an emergency: 'Fire alarm sounds, quick! make your way around the table, past the chairs then move the obstructing chair before pulling back the blinds to access the fire door.' I wondered if the fire door was locked?
Not once did the assessor ask me how I feel after a day at work, or how my pain varies at different times of day. She was pleasant enough in an efficient manner, & told me she is training to be a physiotherapist. The whole thing was about as personal as returning goods to customer service.
My husband thought it was an inappropriate interview. I have been in hospital a few times & nearly died twice, & he doesn't back me or listen if I complain about medical staff unless they are genuinely incompetent. He usually has a way of summing it up constructively, & tells me they were doing their job properly. He didn't do that today. It could be considered funny. But it isn't. Two weeks wait now to hear result. :roll:


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    I've only just joined this forum and seen this message. This was so far removed from my experience when I finally gave in and applied for a blue badge. I chatted about how I had managed for years and that shopping was difficult as I can't carry much due to OA in neck and back. I talked about work and that we were moving office and I was worried about having to park in a multi story and try to carry my laptop. I explained I had OA in knees and also had a ligament problem that was affecting walking but I wasn't sure for how long. I wasn't really asked anything and the lady was very friendly and sympathetic. She told me straight away that she was happy to approve it and I got my badge a few days later.
    First time I went to the supermarket however there were absolutely no disabled parking spaces free and I went off with the huff cursing those who park in them and don't have a badge!!
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    Well I applied for my blue badge on 11 May 13 and it came through this morning. I was astounded that they didn't come round and assess me, I didn't think I would qualify especially after so many people have said they have had difficulty getting one. I would have thought at least they would have check up with GP or Consultant. Anyway I'm not complaining as it will make life so much easier especially with parking near supermarket.