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I posted a couple of months ago that I was putting together a family/social history folder ready for our son's 30th birthday in April.

Since joining one of the ancestry sites I have found relatives all over the world. None of these were known to myself, sister or brother because of our nan's secret. In a way I feel rather cheated at not having known any of them and cannot understand why our mum didn't tell us when nan passed away many years ago. We lost mum in 2000 and dad in 2008 and I know he would have been so interested in what I have found out. It is so much fun researching on the ancestry site and I have found other trees naming my new found relatives. I've also been delving into my husband's family and found out a lot of information he didn't know.

I've even skyped with a cousin in Canada and her father had told her my grandfather had never married, let alone had children.

Why so many secrets?

I shall be giving our son the folder on Saturday as on Easter Sunday he is flying off to Florida for two weeks with his girlfriend and her parents. The other day he was sorting out his shorts and I thought "I could do with two weeks in the sun". It's been so cold in Essex lately and the local weatherman this morning said the cold weather is going to continue for at least another ten days. Brrrrrr.

Have a good Easter everyone.

Janet x


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    My late farther was into researching our family and did other people's family tree's for them not long before he passed. We still have quiet a few peoples family tree's in boxes stored in our loft. But it was very interesting listening to him when he found new relatives from way, way back!!
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    Hi Jnet

    long time no see :)

    But I can see you have been very busy. What a great and interesting time you have had!

    I need to do the same myself as there may be a skeleton in my family cupboard which I need to get out before something happens to it if you know what I mean :wink:

    Your son will be sooo pleased to recieve such an amazing gift of love :D


    Toni xxx
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    Hello Toni

    It did indeed take me a long time. As well as filling a lever arch file, I also put together a large photo album for our son. I presented Russell with both this morning and said "Russell - This Is Your Life". We had kept every certificate presented to him over the years, from summer library reading schemes, baptism, scouts, school, special constable and uni. In the written context I had started with my grandparents, the various houses I had lived in, schools and what life was like from the 1950's. He has certainly got some reading to do.
    About halfway through I mention the fact his dad paid off a large credit card bill which came whilst he was on a working holiday in Nevada. He has never paid us back! He had put the cost of the flights on it and various other bits and pieces.
    Russell was very pleased with it and said "gosh mum, this must have taken you ages."
    I've now got to do a similar thing for our daughter and I'm still researching the family and picking up bits and pieces of the puzzle all the time.

    Janet x
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    Janet how fascinating...and what a brilliant idea for your son..I have done ours and found out my father had a brother that died before he was born...very sad because even he didnt know...well he never spoke about it...I haven't found anyone in warmer climates or I would be asking could I visit... :lol: xx
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    What a lovely thoughtful present Janet, I'm sure your son must be thrilled with all the work you have put into it..........Marie xx
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