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How do you feel?

joanne66joanne66 Posts: 25
edited 1. Apr 2013, 05:57 in Living with Arthritis archive
question:- i'm on meth and hydroxychoriquine for RA, when i first started on meth i'd been on hydrox for 5 months or so, my joints began to feel better but my head was sluggish, i couldn't think straight, i couldn't find the words to explain myself. i feel more myself now, more alert (still tired some times :D ) what i'm asking is, has anyone else felt like this? oh and my eyes have changed.....need glasses now :o or is that age? :lol:
gentle hugs jo


  • ironicironic Posts: 2,386
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Hi Joanne,
    I started on Hydroxy too it took a long time to work for me, but like you it did help for several months. Then I also went onto Methotrexate. I did find that I struggled with concentration at first but whether that was through Hydroxy or because of the stress of finding out that I had RA I don’t know.
    I have an eye test every twelve months because of taking hydroxy but when I asked about the risks of eye problems the optician said that it was very rare. They will look at the back of your eyes when you go so it is well monitored.
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