Thank goodness for the holidays

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Hi all,

I've had a hellish fortnight at work and it's amazing how much I've perked up having Good Friday off! And another week off to follow!

I'm still a pretty active sorta bloke, arthritis not withstanding, and quite proud that I can still out work my younger colleagues on a daily basis ... BUT it is getting harder and more painful.

There were a number of times I could've screamed when the boss called my name for the umpteenth that day to get me to do another job on top of the one (or was it three) I was already doing! Lol! I was even left gobsmacked when I was told off for not supervising a temp correctly the day before, fair enough the temp did do a messy job of things, but the job was finished on time ... but it isn't easy supervising someone when your five miles away visiting the GP for an earache which isn't even masked by ibuprofen and 30/500 cocos! Shame on me!

There again, if looks could kill ... I'd be awaiting right trial now! Lol! Not that I would.

On top of that I had to keep squeezing through narrow gaps to get access to stock dozens of times this week, with a mess of rubbish lying on floor where there was space right in front of where I needed to get! I did try to move the rubbish, but as there were heavy things on top of part of it I had little chance! The tight gaps and uneven footing played havoc with my knees, ankles and feet (my hands weren't too good either, but that's another story), but the boss didn't notice ... I have good idea who the culprit was for the unsafe working conditions! I was even hoping to take a fall, to make a health and safety point, but alas I couldn't even manage that!

Still, I did manage to escape work early on Thursday for a hospital appointment for a different condition. I know a couple of my co-workers were asked to come in for overtime on Good Friday, and I'm glad I wasn't asked, as I don't think my refusal would've gone down too well! It was probably already written on my face, I was in a lot of pain and extremely fed up!

Like most of you I only manage to stay where I am cos I need the money, don't get me wrong though ... sometimes it's a great job, but not at the moment! Crickey I could've walked out several times in the past week or two ... HELP I need a new job!

Thanks for listening,


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    Hello scozzie
    Sorry I have only just seen this...
    I do think its people like you that should get help to maybe do less hours but keep your job seems so unfair...I am hoping you had a good rest over Easter you deserve it..
    Is there no way you could have a word with your boss and explain how you suffer with your knees...or is that out of the question..
    You take care xx
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    Hi scozzie I know what you mean about work. Some days are just an effort to get through when you are in pain and I am now working part time. I had my hours reduced from 42 and a half hours a week to 20. Due to my OA.
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    Thank you for support ladies, sorry I haven't replied earlier, but Internet connection was limited while I was away with my lovely wife.

    I'm in a strange situation with regard to paindullers and my OA, on weekends and holidays I usually forget to take all my prescribed dosages ... I always take my wake-up and bedtime tabs, and usually one during the day if I'm feeling a bit niggly (or worse) ... but at work I never forget, circumstances may delay the dose. In non-work situations the tabs usually do a very good job, but I do suffer if I don't take anything! At work, however the tablets effects can range from good to very poor, and just once or twice to "why did I bother" lol. Work would be totally unbearable without the medication.

    Take care
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    Thanks MarkAndy.

    I had a great wee break!

    But things are still a problem at work and I'm sick of feeling down! For instance, the boss spoke to me within a few minutes of my arrival back and started dishing out instructions and after he walked away I was extremely close to tears, and at times that day far worse!

    I am now getting to a stage with some mental tasks where I'm doubting my own ability to successfully complete them, which is very unlike me!

    And then there's all his little remarks, which I think he finds humorous, which are unsettling me too!

    Anyway enough of this ... thanks for reading my little moan.
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    That's not good, scozzie. You are doing remarkably well to carry on working the way you do but those not in your situation will not be able to appreciate that. If it's getting you down so much, might a short course of anti-depressants help? I know quite a few people on here take them.
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    Hello Scozzie
    i'm sorry does your boss know about your arthritis and how bad it is for you.
    take care
    joan xx
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    Thanks Dachshund and Sticky.

    First of all I have to fess up ... my OA is generally more of a nuisance pain and mobility wise, rather than debilitating like a lot of others are on here. I generally know my limits and in some cases have altered the way I do things, however I do sometimes forget, or am pressured, or am just too bloody minded and end up over doing things ... and these are the days that really hurt, apart from the odd day where it just does for no good reason, lol ... then again yesterday I was on one manual job for two to three hours which didn't seem very taxing or heavy at all and yet my left hand, in particular, was quite stiff and sore by the end of the day with my PIP joints affected the most, especially my index finger which was very painful when I was outside in the cold Scottish weather.

    My bosses are aware (or should be) as I informed them about my diagnosis as soon as the rheumy confirmed it almost two years ago ... most of my colleagues know and are quite supportive (most of the time) which helps.

    My depressive state is more to do with the way I'm treated by the senior boss ... I'm one of those unfortunates who has been bullied since, at least, primary four ... and YES I know I shouldn't accept it, but there again the bully should know better in this day and age ... it IS against the law after all! It's a very difficult situation in a small family owned company, especially in our current economic climate!

    Anyway, enough of my ranting, thank you for your support again!