So sad:(

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Know this has nothing to do with arthritis but I'm heartbroken as this evening we had to put our 16 year old pooch Barney to sleep:(:( we got him from a rescue centre when he was only 6 weeks old & he cud fit in the palm of our hands.... He has been with us through thick & thin, forever loyal & a bit naughty at times;) as a pup chewed more things than I care to remember including right through the legs of not one but two stools!! Refused to ever wear a collar, having the same lead all of those years:) My eldest was only 4 & my son a baby......they are now 20 & 16 both devasted. Dreading the morning as will have to break the news to our girls 10, 6, 3 & boy 2:(:(:( we knew he was getting on & struggling at times but it all happened so quickly:( he was bit off all week, kept widdling in house as ge walked, but not realizing:( thurs nite he had bit of funny turn, his back legs went, but he quickly seemed to come too! Was sleepy today didn't want to eat then about 9pm he collapsed:( he just couldn't get up, breathing was very laboured, phoned vet & she arranged to meet us at surgery 10pm & by quarter past we had to make the awful decision to let him go:( Barney boy crossed to rainbow bridge at 10.20pm:( rip wee man, run free until we meet again xxx

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    Sorry you have lost a very much loved pet,hope its not too difficult telling the younger children. Mig
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    My heart goes out to you all and I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Thinking of you at this very sad time,

    Catie x
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    Oh Kay my heart goes out to you...its a few years since we lost our beloved I know how you must be feeling ....only animal lovers can understand others words but some Hugs for you (((((())))) xx
  • lynnhb
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    I am really sorry to hear your sad news KayMick. You have given Barney a loving home & a good life, & he will be content knowing his love for you was, & sill is reciprocated. May you find peace in your hearts, & may Barney be at peace too. xxxx
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    So sorry to hear this Kay I have not read all your post as I would be crying for you, it is soo sad when they have to go, have comfort in knowing that you gave him a good life. My little old cat will be 18 this year and I love him dearly I really will go in a low way wothout him.
  • gretta
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    So sorry to hear this Kay. Know exactly how you feel. We had to have our remaining cat Dorian put to sleep last November. They are a member of our families aren't they & much loved. She is buried in our back garden together with our other 6 cats we have lost over the years. Say good morning & good evening to them every day.
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    Hello KayMick
    i know what its like to lose a animal so painfull. i have a pic of my treacle as wallpaper on my was 4 years ago
    we had another dog so that helped.
    take care.
    joan xx
    take care
    joan xx
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    hi kaymick, I know exactly how you feel after we had to make the awful decision to put bubba to sleep last June. I must have cried for a good 4 months solid. I questioned myself for weeks about if I had got the vet in sooner would bubba still be here? As gretta has said they are a part of the family so it really, really hurts when they pass. But it helps to bring in a new pet, they will never replace Barney but they will help fill the hole left in your heart when Barney passed. I send my love to your family in the sad time.
  • kentishlady
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    Hello Kay. Am sorry to hear you have had to part with your beloved companion. I know exactly how you feel and send you lots of ((())) to try and help. All other animal lovers will know exactly how you are feeling. Do hope that your children are not too distraught.

    Thinking of you. Beryl
  • wynnie
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    oh such sad news ,ive been there a few times and ive still got three jack russells and dreading the day when i loose one as they are all so close and they are my best friends in the whole world ,if im feeling down they all lie beside me faithfully ,it wont be a happy easter weekend for you and yours but i am thinking of you all x
  • villier
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    Thinking of you Kay, my beloved Tara was my baby, golden labrador, like you I was devasted when I had to lose her to cancer, I feel for you so much having to tell your young children, hopefully you will manage to have a reasonable weekend........thinking of you.........Marie xx
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    Thinking of you all, this is the worst bit about owning them isn't it, letting go. It sounds like he was such a wonderful character and a full part of the family. Is magic to think you gave him that chance and all that love. He will be running free now, waiting for you to bring his lead back to him. Lots of love LV xx
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  • applerose
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    So sorry you have lost your Barney. I lost 2 dogs in exactly the same way. Both of them were 16 years old. They do leave a big hole in your family. I hope your children don't take it too badly.
  • Numptydumpty
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    I'm very sorry to hear this.
    Thinking of you, (((())))
  • Karenb1956
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    OMG that is so so sad I also have a rescue dog and it is always at the back of every pet owners mind that one day we will have to make that heartbreaking decision I have had to do it in the past and it is one of the hardest things to do My thoughts are with you xx
  • numptynora
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    I am so sorry to hear your sad news, they leave a huge hole in our hearts when they go but remember he had a happy life with you and he loved you unconditionally, he will always be in your heart.

    (((((hugs))))) to you

    Numps x
    Numps x
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  • katekelly
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    So sorry to hear your sad news. We lost Jelly dog 2years ago and still miss her. We got a puppy last year and she's a little Madame but spoilt rotten. A welcome addition to our family but never a replacement. Although our older dog was a bit cautious when Pippin arrived he wouldn't be without her now.