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So sad:(

KayMickKayMick Posts: 27
edited 29. Mar 2013, 21:45 in Living with Arthritis archive
Know this has nothing to do with arthritis but I'm heartbroken as this evening we had to put our 16 year old pooch Barney to sleep:(:( we got him from a rescue centre when he was only 6 weeks old & he cud fit in the palm of our hands.... He has been with us through thick & thin, forever loyal & a bit naughty at times;) as a pup chewed more things than I care to remember including right through the legs of not one but two stools!! Refused to ever wear a collar, having the same lead all of those years:) My eldest was only 4 & my son a baby......they are now 20 & 16 both devasted. Dreading the morning as will have to break the news to our girls 10, 6, 3 & boy 2:(:(:( we knew he was getting on & struggling at times but it all happened so quickly:( he was bit off all week, kept widdling in house as ge walked, but not realizing:( thurs nite he had bit of funny turn, his back legs went, but he quickly seemed to come too! Was sleepy today didn't want to eat then about 9pm he collapsed:( he just couldn't get up, breathing was very laboured, phoned vet & she arranged to meet us at surgery 10pm & by quarter past we had to make the awful decision to let him go:( Barney boy crossed to rainbow bridge at 10.20pm:( rip wee man, run free until we meet again xxx

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