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Hi people, I have been a bit quiet for a while but do watch the forum from time to time to keep up with whats happening to other members. I was unlucky with my hips and have the metal on metal replacements and am in the process of having them revised. Does any one know of anyone who has had to go throw this process! :roll:


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    hello Jan
    I have not had my THRs yet...but I do fell for you...there were so many had these metal ones not sure what they are using now, but I will be asking lots of questions before i have mine..put a thread in LWA and hopefully someone will be along that has gone through the same...xx
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    Hi Jan

    I'm afraid I am not a "hippie" so sorry can't answer your question, if you repost in LWA I'm sure there will be somone that can answer you.....x
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