Need support....any help appreciated...

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Hi, I am new to the site....22yo female. I have been referred to a rheumatologist recently and waiting for my appointment now. Just asking anyone to give me any support or advice as I am feeling pretty low at the moment...and the thought of having arthritis scares me.

Symptoms - Painful finger joints, a little stiff
- Weird hard lumps on my toes
- Very painful under toe joints to walk often
- Recent knee pain, when still or mobile
- Tiredness most of the time
- Occasional tendonitis in wrists
- General aching and some shooting pains in feet and wrists

Anyone who can make me feel a bit more positive......thank you, Gemma x


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    Hi Gemmarh100,

    Sorry to hear what you have had to go through, that really not nice and you definitely need some help with things, lets hope you have some strange virus and you get better! :D

    I am not someone living with Arthritis, but the Mum of a twenty year old daughter with a diagnosis of jIA (she keeps this title as she was diagnosed as a child13/14, her symptoms were severe and we have had ups and downs)

    She controlled the progression of the disease with modifying drugs..designed to dampen the immune system to stop it attacking the joints...

    Since going to Uni, keeping busy, laughing...a lot, making friends, joining walking clubs, climbing mountains and more she has never been better and her "story" at this junction is positive, she feels really well and is in the process of reducing the methotrexate and is down to a low dose..Positive positive wishes for her.

    She is home from Uni for a few days and it is so good to see her happy and prospering, she is a positive young lady and loves to be busy doing things, this I am sure has helped her, be and feel good.

    So back to you, good luck with your Rhumatology appointment, they are great people (and the nurses, remember they see people every day so wont be surprised by how you feel) they may try different meds until they find what suits you, bear with it if you can. Control is crucial in the early days, take someone with you, a lot of people do(adult or not, it's not like going to your GP) and it can be a lot to take in at first. There are great publication leaflets on Arth Care and Research, which are really helpful and much better than google searching. You can phone the Rhumy nurses if your not sure about things or the helpline on here.

    Ther are lots of positive stories, I m hoping that yours turns out that way too.

    As always for you and everyone on here positive wellness wishes, good control, remission or hopefully a cure.

    Take care

    Kind regards

    MumV :D
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    I'm 23 and was diagnosed with JIA at the age of 12. I have been very lucky as I didn't really have any problems until this time last year.

    My knee flared up and I could barely walk and it was obvious I was limping. It was a really hard time as I'd been discharged from Rheumy so had to go all back through my GP. Finally I got back to Rheumy and put on Sulfasalazine which dampens down the arthritis.

    I personally found that a lot of my friends didn't really understand and my boyfriend at the time was not helpful! However speaking to people who have been through the same really help!

    I found that when seeing Rheumatology I had to go with my own opinions as well. I was at a point where they still wouldn't give me medication but I was so fed up and knowing that meds can take a while to kick in I told them I wanted to be given something that day there and then! That's when I went on Sulphasalazine and it has made such a difference.

    As you're only at the beginning it will take time to get where you want to be but just bare with it, do your research and don't be afraid to speak up if you have questions or don't agree with something.

    The main thing is stay positive. I really strugled as I was working full time and had to keep taking time off for appointments and blood tests but now I only have an appointment every 4 months or so.

    It will get better but unfortunately it wont be instant. Do as much as you can still but don't over do it. I still get really tired so try and make sure I'm in bed at a reasonable and don't make after work plans a couple of times a week so I can spend the evening watching a film and relaxing.

    Hope you get some good news soon

    Alyssa :)