Happy Easter everyone

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From sunny, warm California. (Sorry :wink: ) I am missing you all a bit but not enough to come back yet. I really do hope you all have a good Easter, though, and that LV gets to see what Bubble and Squeak really look like. Take care, all of you.


  • mig
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    Same to you Sticky,now go away and enjoy yourself. Love to all the family. Mig
  • villier
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    Same here Sticky. like mig, go away and have a great time xxx
  • barbara12
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    Hi SW...glad its nice and warm for you :roll: blinking freezing here....you enjoy your time with your family and no skateboarding please....or is it roller skating we see them all doing in California.. :D:lol:
  • Numptydumpty
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    Hi Sticky, I'm pleased you're having lovely weather, so are we. The sun is shining, it's T-shirt warm and I'm a liar :lol:
    Happy Easter
    love Numpty
  • dachshund
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    Hello Sticky
    you have a lovely easter has well enjoy the sun we have
    the sun has well but it's cold.
    take care both
    joan xx
  • stickywicket
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    Thank you everyone for your good wishes. I'm having such a good time with the 3 yr old I'm in bed and asleep by 10pm most nights. No insomnia here.

    Barbara, it's skateboarding, cycling and rollerblading on Venice Beach boardwalk or, whn I'm there, wheelchairing.

    Mig, the lycra is everywhere and the bodies all do it justice. The only downside is we got behind one such cyclist at traffic lights and, when he turned round, I realised I was lusting after a bloke my own age. Where's the fun in that?
  • mig
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    The boat race on Sunday was very disappointing TOO cold for shorts. Mig

    Behave now Sticky.
  • Catie
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    Sounds like you're having 'a very' good time indeed :)
    A very Happy Easter Sticky, from me as well :)
  • frogmorton
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    Hell-o Stickywicket!!!

    Lovely to see you. Glad you are sleeping so well there and having a great time.


    Happy Easter from me too


    Toni xxx

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