Need support...feeling low...

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Hi, I am new to the site....22yo female. I have been referred to a rheumatologist recently and waiting for my appointment now. Just asking anyone to give me any support or advice as I am feeling pretty low at the moment...and the thought of having arthritis scares me.

Symptoms - Painful finger joints, a little stiff
- Weird hard lumps on my toes
- Very painful under toe joints to walk often
- Recent knee pain, when still or mobile
- Tiredness most of the time
- Occasional tendonitis in wrists
- General aching and some shooting pains in feet and wrists

Anyone who can make me feel a bit more positive......thank you, Gemma x


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    Sorry to hear you're in so much discomfort. Good luck with the appointment. Try reposting what you wrote in the 'living with arthritis' part of the forum and more people will see it & reply, I promise :)
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    Hi Gemma

    Welcome to the forum, yes, it is a bit frightening especially when one is so young, but have a good look about the forum and you will see that most people manage their symptoms with there meds and are able to lead a full life, as was suggested repost on LWA as more people will see it, you will get loads of support and advice on here, good luck with the app let us know how you xx
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