Newly diagnosed.

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Hi my name is lee and i have been diagnosed with PA, i wouldnt say i have the illness badly, how ever the emotional side of it has left me feeling down, an with the help of the methotrexate some days are longer than others. i get alot of help/support from my beutiful wife, and gather strength from my children, i am slowly comimg to terms with the illness and the medication however hard to do so for my family.
after 2 operations and a few months of medication the pain is easing and i need to concentrate on what is important...........


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    Hello, and welcome to the forum. It's a bit quiet on here at the moment, but I'm sure some others will be along shortly.
    I look forward to seeing you post in the future.
    Take care,
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    Hello Lee and a warm welcome from me
    Now you have us lot to talk to it really will make a difference, it can be much easier than talking to family.
    I am so glad your wife is there for you, pain can be so wearing...but you have it right concentrate on what you have in your life...and dont forget we are always here...hope to see you posting more very soon...must say its not always this quiet x
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    Hi Lee

    Welcome to the forum, you have the disease and that is why you are here, we all live with chronic pain whether it affects a little bit of our bodies or a lot, unfortunately it is very quit due to the Easter holidays, there are a great bunch of people on here, stick around it will be back to normal x
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    Hi Lee, Welcome to Arthritis Care forum, you made the right decision to join us. We support each other through the hard times and the good. We are also here for your wife because a lot of partners join here or we pass support messages to them! I look forward to reading your posts, and again welcome!
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    hi lee ,welcome from me too we all have to stick together here ,we can download our worries and share our trials and tribulations , you will always get an answer here from someone who is on the same meds ,has the same symptoms ect,so glad you joined look forward to hearing how you are doing ..
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    Thanks peeps its nice to know you are not on your own sometimes, :D
    cheers lee,,,,,,,
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    Hi Im new to a diagnosis too although Ive been living with what I suspected was Ra for a few years already so my Diagnosis was welcome but still when you dont knmow what it is you always hope it will disappear now I know its RA and know it will be with me for the rest of my life, I still have to work through acceptance.
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    Hi gayle, im a 32 year old male who 6 months ago had his world turned upside down, an it has been a very emotional time, i am just goin through the process of increased dosage of methotrexate till i reach my maximuim which is next week. i normally a very strong and possitive person, but this illness has dragged me down, i can put up with the aches and pains, but with that comes the tiredness and the upset stomach of the treatment and all together is alot for me to take an still be a good father and husband which is my biggest fear, i have the most supportive/beuitful wife, good job shes a nurse. an this is what hold my head up some days..........

    thanks lee
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    Hi Lee

    Good to see you have such a lovely wife - that really really helps....this malarkey affects them too not just us you are right.

    Let's hope that once the meds are at the right level your body adjusts and you do feel better than you do now. All the nausea and stuff should settle given time and if not they can give you something to help you.

    I am sure that with the right attitude (and thinking about it means you do have the right attitude) you will still be a good husband and Dad

    We have to grieve for the life we had planned in our heads and adjust - there is life post-diagnosis different maybe but ok.


    Toni xxx

    PS hello BonnGayle :D
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you and I the forum canj help with information and support. I have psoriatic arthritis (I take meth and other stuff too) but life does feel a little like a rollercoaster (with the downs outnumbering the ups). You will get to grips with it all in time but the early days are far from easy. Everyone's life lacks certainties but we find we have a whole new level of uncertainty to deal with and it isn't straightforward. Our arthritis affects those around us too - search out The Spoon Theory and There's a Gorilla in my House, they both explain the difficulties of living with a long-term chronic condition both to us and those who love us. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Lee
    Only just seen your post
    This forum is great and has helped me through some pretty tough times and I honestly feel without every ones help and support I don't think I could have got through it.
    We all have good days and bad days usually more bad days but this site will get you through these
    Have you thought about antidepressants for a while they are good and usually do help through the tough times I don't take mine now as I'm coping better but wouldn't hesitate to go back on them
    They are not right for everyone but its worth thinking about
    Keep posting