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Oh Its a happy happy day A strange reaction considering Im freshly diagnosed with RA, but its a relief to be able to give the pain a name to be able to say im not lazy I have fatigue ! its not in my head and after 4years of fuzzy heads, pain and fatigue I have an answer that makes sense..its not allergy, im too fat , my imagaination , food intolerances or all the other useless suggestions Ive had from GP's.

just a little about me Im 36 married with..a few..some...err too many cats I live and work in Germany as my husband is German, although my German is terrible hence Im here and not a German board.


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    Hello, it's nice to meet you and I am sorry that you hbave had to find us. I've had a lousy day so won't say much but I didn't want your 'Hello' to pass un-noticed. I too had a GP who ignored my ever-fattening left knee for five years and thanks to her 'inactivity' I'm now in one helluva mess but no matter. Bridge, water, hindsight. :wink:

    An auto-immune arthritis is incredibly tiring on the body - and it's not a 'nice' tired either. I remember 'nice' tired, it was the sort you got after a happy, busy, productive day. This tired is the drained, exhausted, washed-out-post-flu tired but, because we tend to look OK, no-one truly comprehends that. I have a nice dose of ot now so I'm off. See you soon. Take care and I hope you will find the forum a useful place for reliable information and good support. DD
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    Hello and a warm welcome to the forum
    We have had so many people on here that are sought of relieved to get a now you know what you are up have us lot to talk to...if you have any questions put them in LWA...and we have chitchat were we can have a laugh ..its quiet at the moment I think everyone's hibernated... :lol:
    I do hope to see you posting more very soon x
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    Hi and welcome to the forum. I too am new to the forum and newly diagnosed with OA in my thumbs.

    I read your comment about having too many cats! I too love cats, but I only have two cats at the moment!

    Everyone on this forum seems so lovely and although I only joined a couple of days ago I feel so happy that I joined as I am getting lots of support and its lovely talking to people who are going through the same thing as me and who truly understand.

    Best wishes

    Paula xx