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Iv'e got a lot of time for this woman. She seems to speak with a lot of sincerity, compassion, and general sense. She seems a very worried person as regards the cuts, and probably feels she was used by the goverment as regards the Olympics, and now feels cheated 8 months down the line.
Her version of when the woman with Renal problems was told that if she left the room she would loose her benefits, as her Kidney's leaked blood was very moving.
Well done Tanni, keep up the good work, but I can't see her handing her M.B.E. back, even if she feels like it, but I can't see George Osborne getting a Christmas Card off her either. Alanthemanc


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    I've missed that interview - I've been listening to Radio 5Live this morning and they've covered the PIP thing pretty thoroughly. At least TGT knows what she's talking about.

    I think it's right to say that cuts are not involved, this move is to designed to ensure that those who need receive. Those in current receipt of DLA are (for the time being) unaffected until the time for their move to PIP is due. New applicants in certain areas are facing the first assessments for this replacement, they are the ones in the firing line. From what people were saying this morning there is going to be an unholy mess and muddle in the early stages but then there always is with something new.

    Two private companies are doing the assessing, ATOS and another (whose name I cannot recall being poorly myself at the moment). I was listening to the director of the second company and to say that he sounded weak and ineffective is a compliment. :wink: An incensed quadraplegic really had a go at him because, under the wording of his company's guidelines for assessing those who are applying for PIP, her wheelchair is determined as an adaptation. His answer was that wording is immaterial. I have some immaterial words for him in that case but I'd better not put them here. :wink: DD
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    Informative as usual, the only problem I've got is these goons who are doing the tests are very dodgy. To warn that woman who had blood seaping out of her Kidneys that her benefits would be cut, gives me no confidence in them at all. There may be trouble ahead. Alanthemanc
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    Good thread Alan

    She is a great ambassador for peope who have disabilities isn't she? I saw the BBC news this morning, which took very much a neutral stance, giving evidence such as the DLA bill having gone up by 35%, but also a group of people who had brain injuries who feared they would be 'loosing' their entitlement.

    Toni xx