psoriatic arthritis

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whats going on been in agony past 3 weeks with hands elbows feet knees even finger nails felt like popping off ive had fatigue too and goes the specialist today he says keeps meds same no inflamation can some one explain whats going on then plz


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    Hello gazebo, you sound as though things are somewhat rough. I'm not a Helpline member (just an ordinary forum bod) but I too have PsA and from what you have said it sounds as though a flare could be going on. There is nothing to be done meds-wise, you just have to weather the storm. If you re-post on the LWA part of the forum I hope you will garner more replies and some support. I wish you well. DD
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    Dear Gazebo,

    I'm sorry for the delay in replying. I wonder whether you've had a chance to really talk to someone about your pain and have some support? If you'd like some informal support you'd be welcome to ring us and have a chat.

    Another option is to talk things over with someone medically qualified - some people do that with their GP - an outcome of those conversations can be more advice about using pain medication or a referral to a pain management clinic.

    I hope we can help further.


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