effects of the cold

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:) hi ALL can anyone agree with me whenever i go out and its cold do i get really bad shivers when i come home for at least a hour .and the next day i get server face pain .its really getting me down .i would appreciate any feed back .please ,thank you .


  • maria09
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    Hope you are feeling warmer
    I get really cold right through to the bone even if I don't go out
    So I have my best friend to keep me warm my hot water bottle :lol:
    Talking with other friends with Arthur say the same you get cold to the core
    It doesn't stop me going out but if I don't have to I stay home and keep warm
    Take care
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    Hi, the cold and me are not compatable, it makes me ache, to get warm I have a hot water bottle, and get under the blankets, I seemed to sleep more in the cold, ( hibernation) I had a flare up in my hips and my vertigo plagued me last few days felt miserable, made an appointment at doc's, next thursday, I could see another doc before then if I want, as my one is booked up, I prefer my own (she is good) as I get fobbed of by the other's and leave with a feeling that I have wasted everyones time, grumble over thats better, going to have hot bath (I know it's not Friday), O H has to help, he gives my back a good scrub, keep warm everyone summer is on it's way,