Blackmail by NHS to have THR?

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This week, I've had a very unpleasant experience in the NHS, rather than write it all out again, I've written it in my blog

I would welcome your opinions and views on this as I just feel abandoned at the moment.

Does anyone else have this kind of experience and if so, what did you do, how did you cope etc.

Many thanks.


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    I do hope you will be able to continue with your new job (many congrats, by the way).

    Firstly, do that self-referral to the Pain Clinic ASAP, or better still, if you can get a GP to refer you, it might mean a shorter wait. I'm wondering if someone at the Pain Clinic might also organise proper post-op physio, designed for you, not Joe Bloggs who has all limbs intact (I just can't believe that PT you saw)! You should be able to find out the waiting times for appointments easily enough. But yes, get that one sorted. I would definitely be wary of a THR in your situation, without confirmation of a physio package suited to your needs.

    I'm tempted to suggest finding a new GP. How has this one been with you up until now? Might it be worth one last attempt to rally this current GP, and get him on your side? If not, then yes, find a more understanding GP. When I was reading your blog, I was thinking that your surgeon and GP really need to read this - is that an option? To read your story, your history, gives great insight into why you want this extra year or so. It's got me completely on your side, but if I hadn't read your blog, might I be wondering, why doesn't this person just get on and do it?

    I'm not much help I'm afraid, but I am totally rooting for you, and hope someone else has really constructive advice that will help you achieve your aims. Jeez, you're not asking for much in the grand scheme, are you?

    Sincere best wishes. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.
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    I can't help wondering what was written by the surgeon to your GP that has resulted in this railroading.Is it felt that the outcome of a delayed operation is significantly worse, or that funding won't/might not be available.
    Perhaps they are so used to having people wanting such ops asap that they just can't get their heads round someone saying 'actually I can, and want to, hang on until I can ensure the best outcome for myself in the short and long term.
    Strength to your arm, I admire your determination and integrity, and am sorry that it appears to be working against you at the moment.
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    Forgive me for my ignorance what is THR?
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    buxyrs wrote:
    Forgive me for my ignorance what is THR?

    I might be wrong but Total Hip Replacement?
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    This sounds a bit like me. I wanted to put my right fusion off for a few years to get myself a better job etc. but I was told to have the operation now.

    Really hope you get things sorted with pain etc and you can do this job.

    Good Luck.
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    Dear all

    Many, many thanks for your replies. I have asked for an appointment at The Pain Clinic through the 'choose and book' system. It will be a while but at least something to look forward too.

    This is a self refer system, the other through the NHS is dependent on a GP referring you. Mine will not do this.

    I determined to do this my way and most importantly, not be 'punished' for choosing to do so. I cannot believe how quickly they turn on a patient. It is bullying of the worst kind.

    Thanks again.
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    Hi just read ur blog and certainly is not as great picture regards the surgeon and gp u have. Could i suggest u write to the general medical council complaining about the doctors involved, they should support u whatever ur decision and in practise are meant to present u with advise and information but it should always be the patient decision which should be supported.
    I would suggest u write to them both explaining ur grievances and tell them u will be writing to he GMC to complain. The GMC site will have a section for grievances so please follow their guidelines.
    Trust me once u mention GMC and grievence process things will happen-this can get v messy for the docs involved so will give them a kick up the ar%e!!
    Good luck.x
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    I emailed the 'self-refer' pain clinic, who still require a referral from my GP. I booked a telephone conversation with her (which was a 2 week wait), a face to face appointment was 3 weeks.
    She asked why I wanted the referral to a pain clinic and I explained that I felt she had washed her hands of me and if I couldn't have my GP's support to deal with the pain for one year (postponed thr), then I would have to explore other methods of coping.
    She said she would take 10 days to decide if she would refer and would text me her decision in 7-10 days.
    She made no comment on my remarks but asked if I would be prepared to pay if I was not referred. I said I would make that decision when she had made hers.
    Quite fed up; feel utterly obstructed and at a loss as to what to do now. I will wait for her decision but simply do not understand why it is so difficult to get support from a GP.
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    I do find the whole thing not only odd but, dare I say it, unique. There are very, very few people on here who are offered replacement joints when they don't want them, let alone being almost coerced into having them.

    I know your situation is different to that of the rest of us, Stigger, and it's great credit to you that you are determined to carry on working. I understand your enthusiasm for the new job. Just to play devil's advocate though (in trying to understand where your surgeon and GP might be coming from), and realising that you are a strong person capable of facing unpalatable facts, might it be that, to delay the op would, because of your amputation, somehow make the risks greater the longer it is delayed and/or bring other factors into the equation? Or, might it be that you would require a more skilled surgeon, nursing team and physio than the rest of us, all of which are currently available but might not be later?

    I'm just trying to make sense of what seems nonsensical. Has either surgeon or GP explained to you why the annoyance at the delay? Have you asked? I think you are strong enough to face facts on this.
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    I have received an appointment from the Pain Clinic via letter for next Wednesday. I must have been referred after all. Very pleased and thank you for all your responses. I really appreciate them.
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    I've read your blog very interesting
    I think their mentality is and I'm not saying its right but "if you want to wait a year for your op then it can't be as bad as you say it is"
    I don't really see their problem they can always put someone else in your place while you wait so its not waisting anyone's time or putting off someone else on the list it's just putting yours back!
    Maybe if you had said you weren't too sure about surgery and said you wanted to wait a bit longer rather than saying you were putting your work first would their attitude have been different??
    At the end of the day you are the patient and you have your rights and your decision should be accepted and not be penalised as you are not following their rules!
    There are consultants and doctors who think they are god and believe me there are quite a few around I was a nurse for 30 years and have met a few GODs in my time
    I have been lucky with my orthopaedic and rheumy consultants are they excellent but then as I keep saying i did pick them personally
    Keep fighting for your rights and don't let them bulldoze over you to get what they want