Back from Florida

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My lovely son has just sent a text saying he has landed at Gatwick after spending two weeks in sunny warm Florida.

Have I missed his washing? - No
Have I missed ironing his shirts? - No
Have I missed his dirty coffee mugs? - No
Have I missed him thundering up and
down the stairs? - No
Have I missed cleaning the bathroom
after he's been in there? - No

Have I missed him? - YES, YES, YES

Welcome home son.

Janet xx


  • barbara12
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    Us mum and our sons... :D:D bet he has had a good time in all that sunshine...
  • knuckleduster
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    Yes, he had a fantastic time Barbara. So much to do and see he said. He is on early shift at work tomorrow and I think I'll be waking up early too just to make sure he gets up in time. It doesn't seem to matter how old they get, we still mother them.

    Janet x
  • frogmorton
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    Bless you Janet :D

    I bet you are so happy to have him back. Good to hear he has had a great time too.

    Enjoy it


    Toni xxx
  • constable
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    So glad he had a wonderful time out there. And I do so know what you mean about making sure they do get up on time. During the week my alarm is set for 5am. But very rarely do I have to turn it off. Always awake before hand.

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