oooh the pain !!!!

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Bought myself an egg timer to time my exercises ten things to do three minutes each one. Don't I know it I am doing them twice a day don't know if this is enough forgot to ask the physio but twice is more tha enough been in a lot of discomfort these past few days I know it's all for the good of the knee bending but does it haveto hurt so much ??? Got to persevere to achieve the bend I need to drive I am hoping I will get up one day and I will say "no pain" it seems a long way off at the moment.


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    Hi Wendy
    You keep up with the exercises but I would say if you are in too much pain just try and do slightly less..for a while....then up it will get there..with your determination :D:D
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    HI Wendy

    Mmm......I tend to agree with Barbara and maybe you should reduce slightly till you can see the physio and ask advice???

    Thinking of you


    Toni xxx