hi newbie looking for a understanding and advice

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Hi all
I am 31 and have osteoarthitis of hip. I have had hip promblems all my life. It quite harx at mintue consant pain and a hubby that does not understand what i going thriugh and feels like he not even trying :( fingers crossed talking to people on here. and getting some advice might make life a bit easier. Thank you for reading


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    Hello glitterfairy and welcome from me, too.

    Hip pain is not good. I've had two hip replacements due to my RA. If you've any specific questions just put them on the Living With Arthritis forum. People on here are very kind and helpful and I'm sure you'll get some answers.

    As for your husband - I don't think any of us understand other people's pain very well until/unless we've gone through something similar ourselves. I hate having to spell out the details of my pain but sometimes it's necessary. Does he ever come to doctor's appointments with you? Maybe he'd read some of Arthritis Care's leaflets if you downloaded them. ('Publications & Resources' at the top of the page.)
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    Welcome to the forum, you have come to the right place for support and advice as Sticky said ask any questions you have on Living with Arthritis, hope to see you around...............tc.....................Marie x
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    Hell there glitterfairy :D

    Tis lovely to meet you and welcome you to our forums.

    Being in constant pain can be very isolating and that most of us can relate to.....your husband might be doing what mine does sometimes - 'If I ignore it, it will go away' :roll:

    Mine likes to 'fix' problems and when he can't easliy his head goes right in the sand.

    Do please come along in and join us. Chit chat is good for a laugh and chat about stuff to distract us and of course any issues/tips etc can be found on the living with arthritis thread.
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    Hello. It's lovely to meet you and I love the name!

    I know you will find help, advice and understanding on this forum which is full of wonderful people. I hope to see your name again soon.

    Best wishes, Susie
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    Hello glitterfairy
    And a warm welcome from me
    I am so glad you have joined us..only sorry you had to look in the first place..its is a big help talking to people that understand...
    Has for your hubby I have been on both sides.. was a carer for my mum and dad and now being cared for...so I can sympathize with my hubby.
    I do hope to see you posting more very soon x
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    Hi all thank you all for you lovely replys. I will defiently be posting more. Thanks again :D means alot x