California Dreaming

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So, we’re just back from a month with our son & grandson and these are the things I miss most about California:

1. Son & Grandson

2. The almost certainty of blue skies and sunshine

3. People’s positive attitudes, civic pride & sense of personal responsibility

4. Cheap wine, fresh fruit and veg

5. Acres of ivory beach and blue mountains

6. Routinely wide parking bays

7. Son’s California King Bed

8. Sensible traffic rules

9. The song of the crickets in the evening

10. Ubiquitousness of lycra on perfect bodies (Sorry, mig :wink: )

And 3 Things I Don’t Miss About California

1. Sugar and/or salt in all processed foods, especially bread

2. Being too hot in bed. (Alas, no, not that kind of hot :oops: )

3. Snakes


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    Sounds wonderful SW My man's (yes I've got one now!)daughter lives out there.
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    Things we on the forum missed while you were in California.

    1. Stickywicket's sense of humour

    2. Stickywicket's sound advice

    3. Stickywicket's knowledge and understanding of all things arthritic

    4. Stickywicket's sense of humour

    5. Stickywicket's caring nature

    6. Stickywicket's sense of humour

    7. Stickywicket

    There are no snakes on the forum, and Sebastian and I are pleased you're back :lol:
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    I just missed the whole parcel that is Sticky. Mig

    Still sulking there are no photos .
  • villier
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    Well said mig, although I think she failed her duty in not getting photos :lol: other people might have liked to have seen them :oops: xx
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    :oops: :oops: :oops:

    Steady on, you lot. My face is clashing with my cabernet sauvignon. Who on earth is this paragon of virtue? I promise, it won't be long until you'll be wishing I was back with the lycra-clad ones. Meanwhile, my humble (moi :shock: ?) thanks.
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    It was a long arthritic month without you but there was some comfort in knowing that you were with your family, enjoying the sunshine, eating and drinking well as well as drinking in the sights (including the lycra). It is, however, lovely to have you back. DD

    PS Snakes? :shock:
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    Yup. One in the car park, the other looking for a game of cricket. No-one wanted to play with him.

    I've just realised how badly I've let mig down. I have photos of both snakes but none of the dozens of 'lycrists'.
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    Yup...................sure have you naughty girl :wink::lol: xx
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    SW sorry I have only just seen your lovely I crave sunshine.. but unlike our mig I am not to keen on men in Lycra.......and we could never fit a king size bed in our house...but I can dream... :D I like the civic pride we had that many years ago... :roll:
    And Its good to have you back... :D