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Hi Folks,

As you may know I've been on the forums for a few years now and found all sorts of advice very helpful from the other users. Now though I feel I need some advice from yourselves.

In March after a particularly nasty and prolonged flare-up that hospitalised me ,I saw my Rhuemy who told me that as well as having RA I now have OA (not unexpected) and Fibromyalgia. He prescribed me some Amitrypilene to help me sleep and arranged for me to go to Physio. Well I had my first Physio appt last Monday. The person I saw was almost 'abrupt' in her manner and kept flitting from one thing to another. When I told her of the diagnosis of Fibro as well she was most dismissive of it saying you can't get RA and Fibro together as usually once the diagnosis of RA is made that is what you've got!!

I am going back next Monday and would like to have some 'evidence' that you can get both. So my question is can you give me details of any studies that have been done into this please? Preferably something I can print off and take with me. I feel this person needs to refresh her skills- she didn't know what Etanercept was and wanted to list it as a daily medication!

Although I did not feel I 'gelled' with this person (just in case you haven't already worked that one out!!) I will continue to go to Physio as I know that it will help me in the long term - I am not the sort of person who would 'cut off my nose to spite my face' if you get my meaning. I just feel that this person hides behind the 'badge of office' and so thinks she knows it all.

Sorry that all sounded like a bit of a rant! - but this person really wound me up - when I answered one of her questions she replied " I find that most difficult to believe"! I am not used to people questioning my word like that!

Sorry again rant over! I look forward to your reply.

Thanks Kate


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    Dear Kate,

    Thank you for your post to Helplines. I am sorry to hear that things did not go very well when you met that physio. I wonder whether it may be worth beginning somewhat gingerly when you next meet them and say that you felt it had not gone all that well and see whether you could start again?

    I can't exactly think of any reports that might do quite what you might need - explain that people can have several different types of arthritis simultaniously. Clearly your rhuematologist has diagnosed them. I wonder whether you could ask the rheumatologist nurse specialist to help have a word with them if need be? This can be complicated if they dont work for the same bit of the NHS as is often the case. If the GP referred you they might need to hear some feedback.

    Would you like to give us a ring and talk things over? We'd be very happy to give you some support.
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    Thanks for the offer of a call but there are others in more need than me. I'm big enough and ugly enough to handle this one it was just really sheafs up for any data that could back up my diagnosis. I see the rheumy in a couple of months and wil ask him his thoughts on the matter.

    Thanks again.

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    Hi Kate,

    Read your experience with some interest. I knew I'd read a study report about fibromyalgia and inflammatory arthritis being related, so I went and found it! It's from the Arthritis Research UK website:


    I hope it will help. There is also another one floating around at the back of my mind but I don't have time to look for it now.

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    Hi Kate,

    I was diagnosed with PsA & OA at the same time then a couple of years later, by the same Rheumatologist, I was diagnosed with Fibro!! To say you can't get them together is ridiculous & so ill informed!! :?

    I hope you worked the 'kinks' out with the physio.x
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    hi kate just reading your post yes i have o.a osteoporis and secondary fibro so yes it is possible and if you go onto mayo clinic .com u wil find out the information you require just wondering kate do you suffer from spasms and tremors with your fibro im been treated for secondary fibro and have servere tremors and spasms which disolcate my hands and feet horrible and pain dreadful and loss of feelings in arms and legs or is anyone else out there have these symtoms im on baclofen vit d3 folic acid transtec patch quinnine propranolol diiazepam amitriptyline bisacodly trospium. to many tabs but some help others dont. kate my rhemo is bril and she was telling me in america the have designed a type of head scan that can show up fibro waves in the brain i think the mayo clinic have reference to this. i hope this helps.
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    Hi Kate;

    My understanding of fibro is that it most commonly co-occurs with other rheumatic diseases like RA, etc. and is quite rare when it occurs on it's own.

    I will try in the next day or so to find the link to this article for you.....

    I am just a regular forum poster, not from helpline.

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