Pudding club again!

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Well Folks- it's pudding club again tomorrow night! Having ate so much sugar last time I've made something a bit lighter and more refreshing -triple chocolate covered mango sorbet. I've never made it before but will keep you informed as to how it looks and tastes over the weekend.

Love Kate x


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    Sounds excellent. If you need a volunteer taster.......
  • katekelly
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    I must admit to having a taste of the sorbet before it had frozen and it tasted a bit like Solero ice cream! Yummy!

    Love Kate x
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    oh that sounds lovely, mango is my favourite can you tell me how you made it plz x
  • katekelly
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    Ok here is the recipe for mango sorbet.

    1tin of mango puree
    6oz granulated sugar
    1egg White
    1oz caster sugar

    Put granulated sugar and 1/4 pint of water into pan and heat stirring until sugar is melted.
    Remove from heat and add 1/2 pint water and mango puree. Mix well.
    Put into container and chill. When cold put in freezer for 1hour or until half frozen.
    Beat egg White until stiff and add caster sugar. Continue whisking until stiff and shiny -like meringue mix.
    Pour mango mixture into a chilled bowl and whisk again until smooth.
    Gently fold in beaten egg White.
    Put into clean container and freeze again for 1hour.
    Remove from freezer and whisk again.
    Return mixture into container and freeze until firm ( approx 2 - 21/2 hours).
    Serve as required.

    I got some silicone cake cases and drizzles 3different chocolates (White, dark and milk) into the cases -I coated them completely with the last layer and when they were set spooned the sorbet into them to fully set. About 10 mins before serving I removed the filled cases from the freezer and peeled the cases off the choc and so I then had chocolate covered sorbet. I served them with creme frais that I has whisked vanilla seeds into. The sharpness of the creme really contrasted with the sweetness of the sorbet.
    Oh and when I put the filled cases in the freezer I placed them in a bun tin to support them.

    Hope you enjoy.

    Love Kate x
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    Kate you had me worried there pudding club again :o:lol:
    Thanks for the recipe my lovely Indian neighbours mum and dad bring me loads of mango's...so I will be trying that x
  • frogmorton
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    Sounds heavenly......sigh..... :wink:
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    Immediately thought of the other pudding club Kate.

    But puddings, mmmmmm sounds delish.

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