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hello all just joined and have a question to ask, can anyone give me any info on a company called Niagara therapy uk ltd, I am asking cos my parents (in their 80s) bought a craftmatic bed some 3yr ago and this other comp has now bought their client base,they contacted my folks to try and sell them some more and on a visit to home told my father that he needed a new matress and also sold them another reclining seat which my mother has one only six months old but was told it,s no good for her back. Now to me this is no less than hard sell tactics and have told dad to call them and canx all with them which he is in process of doing.


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    Hi mikeyf. This is just one person’s opinion but I think your Dad is right to cancel. My Mum had a Niagara back massager years ago. It cost a lot of money second hand and did nothing for her. If you google them and look on the Money saving Expert site there are few good words about them. They seem to use hard sell on vulnerable people and their products are hugely expensive. A good mattress should last more than 3 years and, if your parents are happy with theirs, why not keep it? As for recliners, they are not necessarily ideal for bad backs but a good Disability Shop could advise.
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    Hello mikey
    Sorry I haven't heard of them, but it all sounds so familiar...they sell you one thing and then contact you SW says 3 years is nothing for a mattress...we have 4 beds in our house and I sleep on the cheapest mattress...for some reason it suits take care x
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    Gosh Mikey!! :shock:

    I do hope you have been able to support your parents in returning these iteams and maybe can block them from ringing them again :? This makes me REALLY cross when I hear of vulnerable people being coerced like this.

    Good job they have you


    Toni xx
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    Sounds like we have similar problems? I try and treat my parents as adults and follow their wishes, letting them make mistakes acting as everyone does. I'm fed up chasing off power companies who talk them into their products.

    I think the power of reasoning does fail in later years and the ability to deal emotionally with everyday events does falter.

    I have found that if I say the word 'vulnerable' to larger firms they start to back off, any mention of taking it further will speed things up.