puzzled,help please

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Need to stop my enbrel 2 weeks before an op on my hand.op date is 14 may a Tuesday and I usually inject on Saturdays (today) but I can'work out wether to inject today or not.advice please.


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    I am sorry I cant help, is there no one you can ring up...suppose the weekend makes it awkward...I do wish you well with the op..and will be thinking about you xx
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    You need to stop it for a minumum of fourteen days so you would be OK to inject today as you would miss the 4th and 11th of May. If you want to be a few extra days clear then don't do today's - if it was me I wouldn't but that would be my choice. DD
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    Thanks all ,decided not to as to be on safe side,don't want to jeopardize recover,will have to cope one handed long enough,theres only so much hubby can help with.lol