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Has anyone caught hospital transport for your appointments?

After my last fusion surgery, I struggled on two buses and walking, totally 1 hour 20 mims, to get to my appointments such as plaster room and foot and ankle clinic etc.

I'm curious as to whether I could get hospital transport this time for appointments and also discharge? Even tho the hospital saw me and knew that I struggled on two buses, they didn't mention anything about hospital transport last time.

Anyone know how I would go about doing this, if I am allow?

My sailing coach ended up picking me up when I got discharged after surgery last time.
My sister and mum hold a driving license but don't have a car.
My dad lives 3 hours away.
My brother works shift work being a police officer and last time, the appointments always fell on the times, he couldn't take me.

OR would I get taxi fare back. I can get bus fare back now anyway. Anyone else do this?

PALS at the hospital are rubbish and never answer their emails and being deaf, I can't phone them.

I don't know who else to ask? :)

Thank you everyone, you are all awesome.


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    It's some time since I used transport as, now that Mr SW haa retired, he can drive me. Previously, I had to arrange it by phoning the relevant cliniic. I believe my appointment letters say to do so but I don't have one to hand. It's not an easy option though. There's hours of waiting at either end and you're often late for yoir appt.
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    Hi Sailrib - I do know that some people on some benefits can get reimbursement for fares to hospital for nhs treatment. You can take a taxi if you can't use public transport. if you google reclaiming travel expenses to hospital you should find some info. Apologies if it doesn't apply to you but worth having a look.
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    Thanks :)

    From what I can get on the Internet, they won't pay for taxis as they are expensive.

    I will ask when I go on to the ward about hospital transport.
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    I use hospital transport as my OH being a carpenter doesn't know if he will be out or in the factory and I can't use public transport. They are all great from the receptionist to the paramedics who take me to appointments.
    I had to go through my GP and my doctors practice pay for me to use hospital transport. The only down side is you have to wait for the ambulance to pick you up when finished so it can either be straight away or the longest I've waited was two hours. But I've known of people waiting fro four to six hours.
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    In the area I live there is a Community Car Scheme which helps anyone who needs transport for medical appointments. A small charge is made for a really excellent service. The volunteers pick the patient up, wait for them, and then take them back home. If you ask as your GPs Surgery, they may be able to put you in touch with a similar type of service in your area :).
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    Thanks. I've heard about volunteers driving their own cars to help people out. Will pop to the GP tomorrow. Thank you.