What's the difference?

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Morning to you it's a lovely sunny day here in Suffolk. Received my letter from Rhuemy yesterday trying hard too make sense of it all, my recent letters have said ra and sero-neg well the one I got yesterday says very weakly sero-pos and weakly ccp positive inflammatory polyarthritis. I know we are not docs but I have spoken to the rheumy about this I am going to stop mtx just before I go on holiday I will be taking those little devils pred with me just in case. In the meantime I am waiting to have ultrasound on some of my joints what is the difference between ultrasound and MRI what do they both show.

Take Care June xx


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    Hello June
    I had a ultrasound on my knee...I think they are used for individual joints...it will show up any inflammation...sorry that's has much has I know...hope you get some clear answers very soon...good Luck x
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    So u/s generally good for showing joint swelling and can pick up surface erosions, it bounces sound waves off of the structures and forms a pic based on how many and how quickly the waves return can't really show inner joint since the waves are blocked before they get in there iyswim. MRI magnetic resonance imaging is much more detailed and will give very clear pictures of all the joint structures in cross section, not quite as good at showing fluid but def the imaging of choice for most things now mind is much more expensive than u/s.
    Prob just doing u/s for fluid and surface changes.