Present ideas for mom with arthritis

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Hello, all!

I've just stumbled on this lovely forum while looking for presents for my mother who is an incredibly vibrant, active gardener and tea-drinker among other things. Over the past several years, mom hands have been hit hardest by arthritis. She misses being able to drink her large cups of tea in those classic, handled pint mugs. Does anyone know of a light, yet large mug that she could use? Is anyone a gardener? What could I do to help her garden? It has been so sad to watch my mom loose some capacity to do things she loves, but I am utterly clueless about how to help, especially as i live abroad and cant just offer my own hands!

Thanks in advance for you help and time!


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    Hello Marie..and what a lovely daughter your mom has..
    I will PM you with a link for a good moblilty site in the UK...has for gardening my hubby is trying to make some wooden troughs ..that I can reach siting down..but there are kneeling pads that are also a stool, if you mom can get get low enough to sit on it...we do have a gardening thread going in chitchat...there are lots of gardening tools with handles for sore hands and such..I do hope you find something suitable...xxlook out for my PM at the top of the forum :D
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    My tea drinking problem is solved by having 2 handled mugs of various shapes , sizes and designs . Mine all came from the internet on [email protected] and are a great success ! Jillyb
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    Has your Mum got a breville one cup instead of a kettle? They do not require any lifting as boiled water pours straight into the cup. The only lifting required would be to put water into a jug in order to fill up the breville and of course adding the milk and sugar. I couldn't live without mine.

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    What a lovely daughter you are- lucky mum! I too love a big mug of tea so now I make sure I have a good bone china mug as they are usually lighter, and one with a big handle to get my knobbly fingers in more easily- the Occupational Therapist suggested a mug with a straighter sort of squared off handle because it's easier to hold than a smaller curved one. In terms of kettles to make tea I also have a small travel kettle that is light and just boils enough for one or two mugs- it's slower but much easier to handle with sore hands,

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    hi Marie, I'm a keen gardener and have got ergonomic hand tools. The ones with the bright green handles are very good! Also, my sis bought a very lightweight hoe, rake and garden fork. Also very useful is a small trolley on which you can move pots, compost etc. I use a very cheap one from a well known Swedish furniture store and it is brilliant. You might consider getting her a potting bench if she hasn't already got one.