Any advice on back injections for OA?

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Hi everyone. Should be very grateful for any comments from any fellow OA back sufferers please if any of you have had injections in your backs and, if so, how you got on with them?

I went to a Pain Clinic nearly 2 years ago and the consultant I saw suggested that maybe that was something I should consider. I have been very reluctant - and if I am being honest, slightly nervous of having an injection in my back - though injections elseswhere don't bother me, daft isn't it.

However, the pain in my back is now worse and I have recently seen a physiotherapist who referred me for hydro-therapy. She also suggested that I should get my GP to refer me back to the pain clinic and I rather suspect that if and when I eventually see him, he will suggest an injection.

Should love to know how any of you have got on with them.

Hope you are all having as good a weekend as possible.



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    Hi Beryl

    I had an injection in my back and a steroid injection at the same time. It seemed like a good idea at the time and for three weeks it helped. It was three weeks of comfort.

    Unfortunately that is all the benefit I got out of it. Other people I have spoken to have had a very positive benefit so I would say it is entirely up to you whether you have it or not as there is no guarantee that it will work.
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    Hello Beryl
    I have had 2 lots of facet joint injections...the first one was for back pain the second for sciatic pain...they were both done has a day patient under xray..they didnt help me..but there were at least 6 people on the list...and some of them were on there 4th lots and swore by I would give them ago...if you need to know anything else just ask.xx
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    Hi, I had 4 facet joint injections, L5/S1, only in the hospital for a couple of hours. Made my leg pain a lot worse to start with, eventually I got relief. It has come back now, and I am considering a nerve block, which is the next step for me.

    I just felt I was in that much pain I had nothing to lose. Depends what problems you have with your back, and how fed up of it all you are. When I was in, I was also told some people have them up to 4 times. Its like anything I suppose, won't know till you try.

    I hope your pain clinic appt, comes through soon. Constant pain is so debilitating.
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    I've had 2 lots of root nerve injections {day surgery}
    Neither have made any difference.
    That doesn't matter.....go ahead and give it a go....we all react differently to meds.
    I had no problems with the actual injections.
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    Hi Beryl

    I am sorry that I can't really help you I just wanted to say I am sorry that you are having a hard time, I am with Hleena in what have you got to lose, everyone is different it may just be the thing that will give you xx
    Smile a while and while you smile
    smile another smile and soon there
    will be miles and miles of smiles
    just because you smiled I wish your
    day is full of Smiles
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    I had facet joint injections about a year ago. I had gone to see a new surgeon and he uses them primarily as a diagnostic tool - i.e. if the pain goes with the injection then he has identified the part of the spine that is causing the pain and can then look at fixing that. I got relief from both my back and leg pain. It took about a week for the back pain to go - the leg pain went almost straight away. I got good relief for about three months. The next three months my pain started creeping back. After that I was back to where I was, although probably in better shape because I exercised like crazy during the good spell - lots of pilates and physio too!

    I was lucky in that my surgeon does the injections while you are under a light general anaesthetic. He also does it under x-ray guidance. I know that it is important that the injection gets to the right spot. It is worth asking how the procedure will be done before you go ahead I think.

    I have now had a fusion at the bad level and feel amazing! I am 9 weeks post op now and feel better than I have for about 4 years!!