Physio today -ouch!

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Hi Folks,

Well I had my2nd appt with physio today -ouch! I hadn't realised just how lazy my muscles had become! I only did very small movements but now my bum and thighs ache! But my knee is excruiating! I understood all the theory behind what she has got me doing but I'm not a masochist and so I must admit I don't know how long I'll be able to do them for! Still baby steps and all that!

Love Kate x


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    Oh dear Kate :?

    Yep baby steps. If it kills too much I tend to step bak a bit then go forwards again once recovered.

    AS you said those muscles do need to get in use again if at all possible :?


    Toni xxx
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    Little and often is the best way, Kate. It will get easier.