heart palpitations -link?

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hi! I'm a newbie so thought I'd introduce myself before I dive in with the questions!
I'm 26 and was diagnosed with RA when I was 18. Started in my little finger and now affects my hands, feet and hips. I have a strong family history of RA. I am currently (stupidly) medication free. I was on methotrexate up until a month ago. I have come off it to revise meds with rheumatologist at end of may.
I suffer reeeeally badly during the warm weather as opposed to many who suffer more in the cold.
So, I'm.wondering if anyone can help. I have been having what feel like heart palpitations randomly over the last 2 weeks or so. Is there any link to RA? Will discuss with rheumatologist but don't want to look daft if It's a no! Have an appointment with gp on Wednesday too.

Thanks in advance


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    Hi rizzle
    Welcome, I also have ra and suffer in hot weather if my ra is flaring - which it is now so I'm quite glad its cold at the moment, am also awaiting new drugs !!, its because the inflammation ra causes involves hugely increased blood supply and a resulting heat from the extra blood, so any hot weather tends to make it hard to cool the joints down hence the mega use of ice packs for most of us with ra! Is different to oa in that respect as the inflammatory process has gone Ott with ra whereas in oa inflammation is at a 'normal' response level iyswim.- very different processes but obv both result in pain!
    So to the heart palpitations, there is a risk of organ involvement in ra and heart problems are known to occur, that's not to say urs is caused by the ra many heart palpitations are totally benign, however due to the ra u should def talk to ur rheumy about it just to make sure all is well.
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    Hello Rizzle. It's nice to meet you. I, too, have RA. I know organ damage is a possibility but I think it's a very rare one. However, it's a good idea to tell your rheumatologist. Maybe your GP too on Wed. I hope it turns out to be something trivial :wink:
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    Hi Rizzle, welcome to the forum.
    I have RA, and a while ago, I was getting quite scary palpitations, and dizzy spells. It turned out to be a side effect of an anti-inflammatory I was taking. I changed to a different one, and everything is fine now.
    I would advise you to see your doctor.
    Wishing you well,
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    Thank you for the replies. It's nice to discuss things with people who know what you're going through!
    Will see what gp says tomorrow and if anything will put my mind at ease. Just a bit of a scary feeling.

    Thanks again :D