new here and feeling low

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Hi, i m new to this forum, feeling low so looking for somewhere i can get advice and support.
i developed symptoms a few years ago after they think having swine flu, but i blame the jogging i took up lol.
numerous visits to the dr, in the end i had to go private to get somewhere, where i was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis. only after scans showed fluid and inflammation. i didnt think the consultant believed me at first and even said he was totally shocked by the result.... hadn't i been trying to tell them all this for years !!!

not sure if this is the place, but what the heck. i take three types of tablets, and umpteen pain killers.
feeling low as i had 3 weeks off work and started to be feeling quite well, but now i think i am starting a flare up.. :( the last one was horrendous and i cried for weeks, thank goodness i have an appointment on friday with the arthritis nurse. last time he gave me a lovely steroid injection that made me feel like a new woman.

oh by the way i am 44, gp receptionist. also having some period problems which dont know if related. going to check that out on friday.
at the moment i feel like giving up work all together, but i cant, bills to pay ect..
so thats my ramble.. nice to meet you all.


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    Hi Miniegg. Sorry you are feeling so low. We all come on here from time to time when we aren't feeling so good. Everyone understands and is willing to listen any time. Hope you get the answers you want when you go to your appointment.
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    Hello from me, too, miniegg. Well done on getting your diagnosis. Inflammatory arthritis can be very difficult to diagnose so you will have done yourself a big favour by getting there quickly and so getting on the right medication.

    Flares are nasty and always come at the wrong time :roll: (as if there's a right one) but, if you're seeing your rheumatology nurse on Friday, he will be able to advise you better than us. We can all sympathise and empathise though.

    Steroid injections don't work for everyone but brilliantly for others. However, steroids bring their own problems and are not a good long-term solution.

    Please let u s know how you get on.
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    Hello Minniegg and welcome to the forums from me too :)

    Good timing your rheumy nurse apt - I hope you get your depot jab :wink:

    I hope to see you posting more in future


    Toni xx
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    well didnt get steroid jab, as they didnt think i was bad enough this time. how do they know do they live in my body!!!!!

    just gave me advice about doubling up my tramadol with paracetamol for maximum relief . i cant take much else, but do they realise i still work and drive a car. i will end up in hospital if i take 2 tramadol and drive to work.

    they took some new xrays of my hands and feet, to see if any changes, i dont think there will be as it seems to flare up my tendons and ligaments , should have took an xray of my knees as one locked last week and i couldnt get out of the chair, from all the tears.

    i hate this condition , and when i told them this today that i wantd to be me again, iwas told i just have to live with it and manage the symptoms as best i can.