Toddler diagnosed with Arthritus

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Hi. My little girl was recently diagnosed with arthritus. She was given a steroid injection which made a massive improvement but the doctors are still concerned. They are recommending methatrixate (hope ive spelled that right) I am very anxious about this as I am very worried about the side effects on such a young child, she will be 2 in July. I would be very grateful if anyone with a child of a similar age has experience of a child taking this drug could get in touch and share their experiences.

Many thanks


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    Hello, I wish I could say that it's lovely to meet you but, thanks to your circumstances, it isn't. Arthritis is cruel enough in adults but for the little ones well, words fail me.

    There is a forum on here for parents but it's pretty quiet - and expecially over a Bank Holiday. Quite a few children on there take meth, either in tablet or injected form and like all of these things it works for some and not so well for others. I am so sorry that you find yourself in this situation, I send hugs to you and your little one (I don't do hugs that often but finding out that the tinies have this dross always upsets me). I wish you well and we will support you as best we can. DD
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    Hello Bethliz and welcome to our forums :D

    It is lovely to meet you, but not good your daughter has been diagnosed with arthritis :(

    I do suggest you post on the my child has arthritis forum and also have a good read of the posts on will see that you are not alone in any way. I hope some of the parents may have their threads on message alert so may pick up any posts you add to them :? .

    It does tend to be a quieter forum, but it would be - parents with poorly children are likely to be busy.

    Those of us who post more often tend to be adults with arthritis ourselves. VERY useful if you are after information about how it feels and how the drugs can make you feel. Also a good proportion of us have children too and can identify with you so posting on Living with arthritis on specific queries might be useful too at times.

    Love to you both

    Toni xxx
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    Thank you Toni x
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    hi, im new on here too and send my love as one mother to another. my children dont have arthritis, one had a type of viral arthritis when younger and was in extreme pain at these times, but 11 now and no problems, i have two children with ov er flexability in their joints, there is a name for it, but i have a blank mind at the moment. one suffers with pain, just recently. she is 25 with two children,. but she isnt in pain all the times just now and again.

    but i hope that your little one will get over this bout soon and recover.

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    Hi Miniegg
    Thank you for your support, great news about your 11 year old and im glad your older daughter doesnt suffer all the time. Look forward to getting to know you. I'll let you know how we get on next week. On wed my wee one is getting her 2nd steroid injection, hope it works :D The 1st one made a massive difference so quite optomistic but a bit mystified as to why the doctors are so keen to give her a 2nd one so soon when she is doing great :?

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