Laptop or tablet?

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My wife has arthritis in her hands, wrists & elbows, also small cataracts in
both eyes. As such she finds it almost impossible to use our desk top PC.
She reads using a "Hold-it" adjustable floor stand, which is built to accommodate a laptop, etc. Has anyone any information on a unit suitable for her conditions? Voice activation software has been suggested, does this really work without trouble? She would also need the largest screen available.
Any information would be gratefully received.


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    Dear Chunky,

    Thank you for your post to helplines. I am sorry for the delay in answering you, but we were very busy yesterday. When it comes to accessible ICT there is no one size fits all. We would signpost to organisations which specialise in adaptations. Top of the list would be to get in touch with Abilitynet -
    Being able to try different equipment and have expert support can make a huge difference.
    You can also see a lot of information about adaptations in general on the DLF website -
    (There is a national network of showrooms where you can try equipment, get advice all without being made to buy anything - these are not shops.)

    More than anything if you or your wife would like to talk about arthritis, receive more information, or have some support, you are welcome to ring our free phone. You can download our publictions here:
    See 'Independent living and arthritis'

    I hope that is helpful