Esa with no medical

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Hi folks
Just finished filling in esa form (i have RA) and was wondering if anyone has been put straight into the support group without a medical after quitting work due to ill health.
Also I believe the payment is initially £71 a week until the assessment, if you are put in the support group or wrag does this money then increase. My husband works, no dependent children.


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    Hi lulu
    Sorry I cant help but I just want to add my support...good luck with it and please let us know how you get on.
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    hi , transfered myself from incapacity to ESA support group without needing a medical had RA since 1996 , put last letter from consultant to my GP in with it + got help filling the forms out

    you have to score 15 points in one section to qualify for the support group & 15 points overall to get into the working group , gl with the claim
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    Hi look on the DWP webpage there is lot of information on there................Marie x
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    Good luck lulubell from me :)


    Toni xxx
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    I was put in the support group without a medical,but now 10 months down the line received another set of forms to fill in.They reasses you after a period of 12months i was told.Loving the stress AGAIN !!!!!!