My wife RA and it gets real sad seeing her suffer

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Sometimes I get real sad, the doctor put me on antidepressants to help.
Anyone with the same situation?



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    Hello gerard
    Welcome to the forum, I always say its harder on the partner...wife or husband...I have seen both sides ..after nursing my parents with painful illnesses and now I have OA in multiple joints.
    So I do understand that you can feel useless, but believe me you are helping by being there..but at the same time you need to look after yourself in all this,not easy I know.
    You have made the first step seeing your GP, the AD will help you cope better.
    And now you have us to talk to, so if you ever want a rant or chat you know were we are, it will do you good to unburden...
    I do wish you wife well with her treatment...and I hope to see you posting more very soon...put your post in LWA has it is always quiet in this part of the forum x
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    Gosh Gerard I am so sorry you need antidepresants because seeing your wife suffer makes you so sad :(

    Maybe she would enjoy joining us lot on here herself and then you woudl see her having a bit of distraction, support and heofeully a laugh or two?

    Anyway I am glad you have found us and hope you will find information helpful to you and your wife. Welcome :)


    Toni xx
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    It is hard on partners and family members. You're brave to admit to being depressed as there is a stigma to it yet there are so many people who suffer with it. Both my husband and I suffer with depression but it wasn't caused by our health problems.