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Hi All,

Just recently joined this forum, but have been looking at posts to gather information for the last month or so as it's proved really useful. (i know, i sound like a right stalker).

Anyway, firstly a thanks. Just searching the forum to find discussions by "real people" who actually suffer from RA and reading their experiences has been really useful. More so, than the actual "medical" type websites that just give you the facts and figures!!

Secondly, i would like to share that it's my girlfriend who has recently (6 months) been diagnosed with RA. I guess i'm here to try and find information so i can help her, as been feeling a tad useless of late with information overload.

She mainly suffers from pain in the ankles and knees and suffers pretty badly from fatigue! She's been on methotrexate, folic acid and hydrochlodide (sp !??) for some 5 months or so now and suffered with bad side effects (headaches, stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, mouth thrush, bad gums, depression); It's not been much fun for her at all. That said the RA did seem to be under control, but it got to the stage that feeling constantly sick due to the meds was worse than the RA.

Saw the Consultant today and we managed to get off the methotrexate, much to her relief. Now on leflunomide and hydrochlodide (sp !??). We were given the option of this or metho. by injection, but just hearing the name metho. sends shivers down the spine! Came out feeling all positive, but having spent some time researching leflunomide, i am now :( ! This doesn't seem too promising either (hair loss, yikes!!)

MY girlfriend suffers from depression, and the metho. did seem to make things worse. Am just really worried that if these different drugs don't make a difference or the side effects are too much that she'll suffer mentally too....

I try and stay positive for her, so am really hoping that leflunomide is not as bad as some of the reading suggests!

Just really want to help, so thought i'd drop a post and see if anyone has any words of wisdom / encouragement....

Thanks again, and looking forward to getting to know some of you.


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    Hello StupidGenius
    And a warm welcome from me
    And may I say what a lovely boyfriend you are...she is a lucky girl..
    Sorry I wont be much help has I have OA in multiple joints, I have been on the forum for over 3 years now, it has helped me so much, has you already know there's loads of info..but best of all is the support we give one another.
    Would your girlfriend not consider joining us, it would be such an help to her talking to people that understand...its a good release.
    If not at least she has you to convey all we have to offer, it is very quiet at the min, so if I were you I would post in LWA you might get more of a response
    I do wish your girlfriend well with her treatment,
    Barbara x
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    Hello StupidGenius and welcome from me too.

    It's so hard to give any advice about meds because we all react differently to them and one arthritic's meat is another arthritic's poison. I get om fine with meth and have done for about 13 years. I did take leflunomide briefly and it worked but I had a bad reaction to a flu jab and was taken off it. However, others fimd it very useful. Side-effects, of most of our meds look scary but most people don't get them and, untreated, RA itself is scary. As, when and if the meth and hydroxychloroquine stop working for me I'll take whatevee's on offer, albeit with some trepidation at first.

    I'm sorry your girlfriend also suffers from depression. RA can be quite a depressing disease but, once under control, she'll hopefully feel much better in herself. At least she has you at her side and that's a big plus. It 's tough on partners too. How are you coping?
    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
    Steven Wright
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    Lovely to meet you

    Are you a genius albeit stupid? :wink:

    Seriously I am glad your girlfriend has you and hoep one day she might like to come and join us too :)

    I am so sorry that the MTX has made her feel so poorly (I take it you tried extra folic acid and even anti-emetics??) :(

    Some on here do do well on Hydroxychloroquinine and leflunomide as a combination. Worth a try at least. Hopefully, for her it will be the best combo and really help her :D .

    Anyway welcome form me


    Toni xx
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    I'm new as well and suffer with osteoarthritis rather than rheumatoid arthritis but I also suffer with depression so can empathise with your girlfriend over that. I agree that it may be of help for your girlfriend joins as well.