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Hello guys. First of all , I'd like to apologise if i have any mistakes but i am not american.
So here is my story I am 20 years old and in the last weeks i have problems.
I went to a rheumatologist because i've had pain in my knee. I've done some blood tests and it turns out that my sedimentation rate and reactive protein are very high (60 and 77). Then the rheumatologist prescripted me some pills (sulfasalazine and arkoksia ) and they worked for me i didn't have so much pain only a litlle pain in the mornings. But a few days ago on the back of my knee was really swollen. Turns out that i have a large cyst which the doctors removed by a punction. But now i have problems also with my ankle which is swollen too ,the rheumatologist said that i have a inflamation on my sinew. The doctors still can't diagnose me ,they think its reactive arthritus but they are not sure.
I have to say that my immune system results are good also my urine semples.
But i am really scared that all these problems became chronic.
Is reactive arthritus curable ? And i am also into sports will i be able to play again ? :roll:


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    Hello raybeez. I’m sorry you’ve had no replies but it’s been a public holiday weekend and things are always a bit slow on here at such times. I’m not a young person but I thought you’d probably prefer an answer from an oldie than none at all :wink:

    It can be very difficult to diagnose a specific type of the auto-immune varieties of arthritis but the treatment is the same anyway. Reactive Arthritis, which you can check out here,
    http://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/PublicationsandResources/Arthritisbasics/Typesofarthritis ,can resolve itself - I’m not sure that ‘cure’ would be the right word – and go away but not always.

    As for the sports – exercise is good but high impact exercise isn’t so I guess it might depend on which sports you’re into. I hope things work out well for you.

    By the way, we’re not a US site but a UK one though we do sometimes have American visitors.
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    If it is reactive arthritis you have it should settle down once they find what the reaction is to, (be it an infection etc) it can take different periods of time depending on the person. Sometimes it will be gone in 3 months, other times longer.

    It would be worth asking your doc to tell you what they think you have reacted to - maybe some anti biotics would help?

    When I was first undiagnosed they thought I had reactive arthritis - they even sent me for a chlamydia test which I was understandably quite upset about. It turned out that I had had a urine infection and was given anti biotics - but after all that I didn't have reactive arthrtis, it turned out to be a different type called sero negative! (and I never got an apology for sending me to the sti clinic!)

    I have to substitute my yoga for tai chi when I am in flare but I can't weight train and swim like I used to. Its defo not the end of a sports career, you might just have to think a little differently about certain things but the advice I can give you is exercise when you are able, don't put it off. Lots of people get in bad habits when they have been ill for a long time, and understandably as arthritis can be so debilitating for some. Its just important to know your limits and think out the box, stay positive and keep going.

    I hope all goes well for you. Let us know how you get on.

    Best Wishes,