Capsaicin Cream for OA/ nerve pain

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I am trying this for nerve pain, so far, no heat. Does anyone know if I apply it on my spine or where I feel the referred pain, or both? Thanks.


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    Oh Lola

    I hadn't thought of the actual place.....I would be tempted to try both??? I think it's supposed to be hot isn't it? Hasn't it got something to do with chilis??

    Good luck and I would love to hear if it helps


    Toni xx

    Toni xxx
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    Hi Lola. I use Capsaicin cream for my OA in my back but must admit it doesn't help an awful lot. What strength have you got? When I went to the Pain Clinic 2 years ago, the consultant said I should be on a higher strength and informed my GP. It hasn't made a lot of difference though. The only cream I find that helps - just a little - is Pernaton which dr can't prescribe. I get mine off the A....n website as it is cheaper on there (it is quite expensive to buy in pharmacies and not all of them sell it). It is a fairly large tube and you don't need to use much. It feels cold to start with and then the heat comes. I always put some on if I am going out anywhere, but try and make do with the Capsaicin at home. Still find wheatbags are the best!!

    Hope this helps. Beryl
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    No, there's nothing else in the cream. I put it on my arm and shoulder last night and woke up with it on fire in bed. It doesn't feel hot at all on my back, so I'll stick to there. It's not doing anything much at the moment, but I'll stick with it for a month. I got the weaker of the two creams. I just asked for it, my old GP said no, new one said yes.

    I am also trying Flexiseq from Germany. I've had that a month, minimal results, if any, on my back.
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    I use Pernaton cream as well
    I like it and find it helps but it is expensive.
    Trying to work out that site Beryl lol