Please can someone help again

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Hello again,
I posted a few days ago and I am so grateful to each and everyone of you who replied to me.
As I mentioned DR diagnosed osteo in my foot..I am puzzled as to how he can do that in a mere few minutes appointment. He said I did not need x ray or to see anyone...I am so upset,the pain is unbearable.
If any of you have osteo in the foot could you please help. The pain and swelling just came from nowhere..after my usual sunday is down the ouside of the foot,about midway down..not near the edge of foot but somewher in the middle. It has been like this now for nearly 6 weeks. Does foot arthritis stay permanent or does it come and go.and what might be my options for the pain?

So sorry to ask for so many answers...I dont know where else to turn.GP just seems to want to rush me out as quick as possible. I could quite literally burst into tears!
Thank you all again so much


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    Hi sorry to hear that you are in so much pain
    i also have OA in both of my feet yes it is very painful but theres not much that can be done, i have been seen at the hospital twice now and the consultant refered me to mobility centre who assessed my feet and took moulds of them and made me some insoles for my shoes. i have had this new pair of insoles for a few weeks and yes they help a bit but i still have problems walking on most days. the guy at the orthoics department said that the insoles will not cure the pain all together but hopefully it will ease it a bit. they always tell me to rest my feet when they are bad . as you prob guessed it's difficult to do this. i do use crutches but i also have OA in both of my hands so using crutches can be very difficult. My GP has prescribed me co codamol 30/500mg and i also use oral morphine. this again helps but doesn't stop all the pain. i think that maybe you should arrange another appointment with your GP and ask if they could refer you to your local mobility centre. And discuss with them about some form of pain relief.
    hope you feel better soon

    Maggsy xx
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    I was diagnosed with bunions by the GP even tho I knew they were not as my big toes don't go inwards and the boney lumps are on top of my big toes and not on the side.

    They eventually sent me to the hospital who diagnosed me with arthritis without doing any X-ray or anything. Wasn't until my pain got worse and they X-ray me and MRI scan me that they found all my damage.

    There are surgery options for arthritis in the feet. If the pain get worse, you could asked to me referred to a foot and ankle surgeon where you can talk through options.
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    Hi Angliee

    Is the pain underneath?? If it is......I am only wondering as I am thinking have you googled plantar fascilus(serious SP)

    There are folks on here with it because you are relating the pain definitely to your walk????

    Maybe your GP will do an Xray anyway if you return, still no better?


    Toni xxx

    Toni xxx
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    I can't add much to my other answer but one or two things have crossed my mind. I am in trouble with both feet (a pleasant mixture of PSA joint damage and OA) so I now have to wear sensible and supportive shoes (no pretty flip-flops now, or slip-ons for yours truly). I take it that when you are out walking you are also wearing good, well-fitting and supportive footwear as that eases the strain on the feet. Maybe shortening your walks could be helpful, and have you considered using a stick? This should be held in the opposite hand to the troublesome trotter. I use two crutches for short distances and a rollator for longer.

    Once OA has set in there is no easy remedy apart from pain relief and maybe an anti-inflammatory. I too have plantar fasciitis in my right heel and need a daily diclofenac to help ease that. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben