Metoject gadget.

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I trundled into rheumatology today to collect the next set of injections and my feedback was requested. It wasn't very positive - apparently not many patients are and the nurse who still does injections for some doesn't like 'em either. I explained that today, for the first time, I had some trouble in removing the needle cover (my hands are not being co-operative) so she handed me a little white plastic gadget.

It reminds me of a pencil sharpener but obviously minus the blade. :) It's rectangular in shape with grip ridges on either side. You push the needle cap down into the holder until it clicks and then you can grasp the gizmo (all being well) and pull off the cap by pulling the gizmo and syringe apart. The cap can then be ejected by pushing from underneath (but in my case I will use a pen or summat to do that).

It has written on it 'metoject' and 'metex' and is hopefully available at all good rheumatology departments. :wink: DD
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    Useful tip thanks DD. I've stabbed myself several times trying to get the cap off the needle as it shoots out unexpectedly at times.
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    Isn't arthritis wonderful? A new free gift all the time. Not only do you get to stab yourself but you get a pencil sharpener lookalike to make it easier. Have fun, DD! I don't think I envy you but I shall think of you tomorrow as I lick my thumb, press it onto - hopefully - 3 meth tablets together and transfer them to my mouth then repeat as necessary.
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    hi all
    ill have to remember this dd as my roomeys changed me
    from tablets,(thinks it might work better) to injection
    and as this is a first for me it might come in very youesfull
    as fingers do lock up and difficult to grip !
    ill see how i get on the last injection i had didnt seem
    any differant in my condition than the tablets
    early days yet must give it some time.

    thanks 4 that dd might come in youesfull
    mike26 :roll:
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    You are more than welcome, Mike26, I hope you are offered one of these, at least you now know to ask. I have never had trouble before but, thanks to a currently stressful life, I'm struggling all over the shop (the house, the car, in fact everywhere! :lol: ) but no matter. That's life with arthritis.

    Injected meth is stronger than the tablet sort because the digestive system is by-passed (when I was on tablets my dose was 17.5 (I think, it's long ago now!) but my liquid dose is only 15). You might think your dose has been reduced but that isn't the case. I hope you feel some benefit soon - and good luck with the injections. DD
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    Wow...I just slide the lid off my metroject injection and stab away :o . Not sure how well the methotrexate is working yet but it is earlish days. Your way sounds tough....
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    I too never had much trouble but, as my hands are now playing up, it's a twist and a pull too far. I am humira-ing today - I suspect that 'im indoors maybe pressed into service to get rid of those double caps - they's very hard to shift even when my hands are OK.

    I wonder if those who design these things ever take into account that not all patients will be able to execute these deft maneouvres? Somehow I doubt it. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben