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So having read so many posts about how ridiculous atos and the whole ESA/DLA/pip system is I got so enraged I decided to write a letter to my mp, who just happens to also be the pm!
I had a good old rant and suggested he look on the forums to get a good picture of how atos is ripping the country off and how incompetent they are. I also pointed out that those people , ie us!, who have incurable debilitating disease should not need to go through this ridiculous system.
Generally vented all my anger about it and hopefully represented our feelings about it.
Will await his reply!


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    Good for you Lizzie :D
    I email my MP fairly regularly about the same things as you but also the bedroom tax & council tax ... I am VERY lucky as it turns out my council has used it's funds to stop anyone with disabilities suffering by these new housing welfare reforms.
    Mps do have their uses ... Sometimes.Lol x
    Healing Hugs