ATOS doctors investigated

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Good news that you're friend finally got it changed. But sorry for him that he has had to take it this far.

I had to go to the Job centre a couple of weeks ago because they have deemed me fit for work. I sent an appeal, but on talking to the man at the Job Centre they say they never received it. He has told me to go to Citizens Advice to get it sorted out. He said himself I am not fit for work.

When will they get this right.
Karen xx


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    You ex-job?
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    Thanks unsure for the link, I am glad that your friend won in the end and the doctor got what he deserved, there are a lot more that need the same treatment...........Marie x
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    Very interesting ...thanks for the link...maybe they will rethink things and start to treat people in a way they deserve...
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    Yes very interesting
    A monkey could do the Atos assessment as what is put down is certainly not the truth
    More should be struck off a nurse did mine I even changed sex it said I could not get pregnant as I was a male client! Last time I looked I was female and have given birth twice so I definitely am female
    Oh dear the system is a total joke as well as costing DWP/ Government 359 million pounds just to save a few thousand so where is the sense in that??
    Keep strong
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    THis is great news....the way some people have been treated is outragious

    Thanks for the lik

    Toni xxx