Do no treply

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Am I the only one who invariably reads 'donotreply' email addresses as 'do no treply'?
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  • lindalegs
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    No, I do it too.

    Suppose it's because the 't' stands higher than the 'o' and 'r' and therefore gives the illusion of the start of a word. ??????

    Love, Legs x
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  • jillyb1
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    I avoid treply ing too , is it the 11th commandment ? Do no treply ! Jillyb
  • dreamdaisy
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    I read it as 'donot reply' - what sort of a doughnut is it? DD
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  • maria09
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    Never thought about it :!:
    That's it now won't be able to read anything other that treply
    Maybe crispy creme doughnut DD yummy