Does anyone need a wheelchair?

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Hi everyone,

I am fortunate that I do not have artritis. I have joined the forum to see if anyone in South london needs a wheel chair. I am clearing out my late parents home and the local care home or hospice do not want it.

I find it amazing that when the NHS is in a financial mess, they cannot find a use for such items.

If anyone is interested, please let me know it seems a shame to dump it, if someone with a disability could make use of it.

My late parents live in the London Borough of Lambeth and if anyone was interested they would have to collect.

Many thanks for reading this topic.



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    What a kind thought, Andrew!

    I have a wheelchair provided by my local hospital but I'm sure there are others who don't or who only require one for long trips out.

    I'd guess that the NHS is contracted to only get their wheelchairs from a specific supplier. I know mine has to be repaired from just one firm.

    Not many people look on this forum. If you re-posted on the Living With Arthritis forum more would see it. Have you thought of a free ad in your local paper too? I'm sure someone, somewhere would be very grateful for it.
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    Hello Andrew

    have you thought about contacting your local red cross branch? The red cross hires out wheelchairs to people short term and when we were clearing my mum in law's house after she died we donated her wheelchair, amongst other things, and they were most grateful.

    Hope you manage to find a good home for it


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