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Hi. I am new to the forum. I have just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my thumb (all 3 joints) and in the bones of my hand. I am an office worker and am concerned about the impact this will have. I am feeling very upset, even though I was pretty sure of the diagnosis it was different having it made "official". I live on my own and know that I will have to make some adjustments as I get older and it gets worse but at the moment I can still do most things even though a lot of them hurt like hell. It is more work I am concerned about. My GP says I will need to have my work station assessed and that there are things I can have that will help me and suggested I speak to the health & safety people at work. The trouble is my company are not known for their sympathy. I suffer from depression and I had to take a lot of time off several years ago after a bullying episode. I am trying not to get depressed about this! I also suffer with back problems and had sciatica during the time I was off sick so whenI came back as well as a phased return they also did a work station assessment so I have an idea of what is involved. But I felt I was being a nuisance and they quibbled about most of the things that were suggested so I am not looing forward to going through that again. I wonder whether there are any specific things I can have? I already have gel rests for my keyboard and mouse. I would welcome any advice or suggestions people may have.


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    Hi and welcome
    Many of us on here have suffered at the hands of our employers pun not intended
    I had 4yrs of hell before I managed to get ill health retirement and that was with our wonderful caring NHS!
    They have to by law be shown to put in all the necessary adjustments to help you carry on working
    Do you have an Occupational Health Department? Mine was very helpful and the Occupational health Doctor supported my ill health retirement
    Many more on here have similar experiences it might be helpful to look through some of them on working matters
    Try to keep strong
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    Hi flick, I wouldn't be to prejudge towards them even though you've had a bad experience before, see what they have to say and try and give some input if you can, after all its you who's going to have to work at the station, if you can't get all you want then don't push the issue to much, well not straight away that is, if you can get them on your side the battle is half won, and anyway you can always ask for a review later, after all OA and RA are progressive so you'd have a good case asking for the odd extra concession as time goes by.