Ye gods, Daisy.

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If I had a brain I'd be dangerous. :roll:

This morning I decided it was time to iron his shirts (eleven of them). Gradually the operation swung into motion: go to the kitchen, pour filtered water into the iron jug (you know, the little plastic one they supply with a steam iron), unplug the kettle, plug in the iron, sort out the board whilst the iron heats, fetch the shirts et voila! Begin!

Yeah, right. The iron was up to temperature but not emitting any steam. I checked it was plugged in, that the thermo was up to temp, that the steam valve was switched to 'on' - I even held it over the sink and pressed the 'burst of steam' button - two healthy gusts burst forth but it wasn't making those comforting little puffing noises a steam iron makes when lifted from a garment. Neither was it dispensing with the creases. Unbidden tears rolled down my cheeks, I switched it off and went into the dining room for a blub of sheer frustration.

On deciding that a cuppa might be of benefit I walked back into the kitchen. The first thing that hit my eye was the little jug of water - un-tipped into the iron. :oops: Ye gods, Daisy. :roll: To paraphrase A A Milne I am indeed a flower of very little brain.


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    Oh DD.....glad I'm not the only one things like this happen to :roll:

    11 shirts in one go is hard work, did you mange to do all of them?

    I used to hate it when my partner,at the time and my 4 sons wore clean shirts everyday to work and school.....don't get any now, one of the joys of being single lol

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    If you'd had a brain you could have used the tears to dampen the shirts. (Even I can't believe I wrote that :shock: )

    Well done you on your marathon ironing session. Now rest. You've more than earned it.
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    any one with brain would make him do his own shirts above the call of duty doing shirts some one was trying to tell you to stay away from the iron val
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    The eleven shirts was purely my fault - they were washed over two days and failed to dry indoors thanks to the very low temperatures on the ground floor. How come the world outside the back and front door is hot but indoors ain't? I dunno and I don't care - they're done, end of. I don't hang the washing out any more thanks to greenfly doing what the cats do albeit in smaller quantities: at least the cats leave the washing alone (although the sight of a moggie 'performing' on my washing line would be worth paying for :wink: ) He has been known to do his own shirts but only when I am truly done in: if I can move I can iron, simples. It's a little like ATOS: if you can breathe you can work.

    Hello Val, it is very lovely to see your name and I apologise for not being in touch: I freely admit I'm failing on a number of fronts. :oops:

    I no longer iron my stuff unless linen is involved, then it has to be done though gawd knows why - just put it on and it's creased to you-know-what. :wink: I did manage to cook the entire evening meal without error so that has to be a good thing.

    Life is currently rather tiresome but I am sure that is due to grief. I'll give it about a year and then I'll know whether that is the case. DD
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    Oh Dear :roll:

    Well I congratulate you heartily for doing all those shirts (your 'fault' or not), especially with all you have on your mind ATM :?

    Silly mistakes happen - even to people with mahusive brains :) This I know is true. Knowing that you feel as overwhelmed as you do, at the mo, it's all too easy to be cross with yourself when things go a bit wrong

    I think you are doing brilliantly well.

    Take care

    Toni xxx
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    Loving the ATOS comment DD and my OH is the same.

    Elizabeth x
  • dreamdaisy
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    It gets worse. It took me a while to realise that I could not start the car with the back door key. :?

    Have any of you ever been betwoddled like this after a bereavement? My thinking is that this is to be expected (especially after the very difficult few months we've had) but I am getting rather exasperated with myself which won't help. DD
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    I know how you feel :(

    I have been like this for the last few months :( Yesterday i could not remember any of my pin numbers for my credit cards :shock: :? I went back to work with my tail between my legs :oops: :lol::lol:
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    Hello DD
    i'm sure you forgot to put the water in the iron because yyou are so busy and your mind is busy thinking things you need to rest.
    take care
    joan xx
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    I would have taken it to bits and then rang the importers for spares and then decided it wasn't worth saving and binned it, a new improved 'ultra steam' iron would have done the job in the afternoon. I would have earned smartie points for the effort!

    Rest easy DD you're in good company.
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    Hi DD
    My my all those shirts!
    I used to have 15 shirts a week with hubby's work shirts and two kiddies school shirts grrrr
    I have a great iron now it just glides through shirts really quickly and easily wish I had it when I had all those shirts :x
    As for forgetting the water we all do that at some point
    I just blame my meds when I do anything silly :roll:
  • applerose
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    I've done that sort of thing before. I think it's because when you do something so regularly, your brain doesn't register when you don't do it. It just assumes you have. At least that's my excuse. :lol:
  • dreamdaisy
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    Thank you all for your lovely support and tales of similar absent-mindedness, those are comforting. Wish me luck - I have to iron a frock for tonight's dinner expedition (and some other sundries of his). Gulp. DD
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    Good luck DD
    Enjoy yourself tonight

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