Update on my life!!!

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First I would like to thank you all for your support recently.

Well my son leaves home on Tuesday :shock:
I have bought a large stock pile of basic food stuffs,dried and tinned to get him started.
Bought him some new bedding and made sure all his clothes are washed and ironed,including his new shirts that he will need to wear for his new job.

Think he is going to get a shock working full time and having to do all his own shopping/cleaning/cooking/washing and ironing.....

Now to my mum...she is at her home now, still very low, she has been put on more anti-depressants but she says they are doing no good, I have tried to explain to her that they take a while to kick in and make a difference hopefully to how she feels.
I'm phoning her every afternoon, at least she is answering the phone and talking to me now.

I am definitely going to move if I can get a council property, I live in council now in Blackpool and have to move anyway because of the bedroom tax.

Cornwall council have been very good, responding to emails within a couple of hours of receiving them, and yesterday they phoned me, I have been on their housing list for 9 months but in a low band, one of their criteria s for getting in a higher band is if you are needed to support someone.
I filled in a form about this and my mum is collecting a letter from her GP tomorrow supporting my application to move, hopefully I should hear in 2-3 weeks that my housing priority has moved to a higher banding.
It is just a case of wait and see, it will be a big move if and when it happens, but Cornwall is a nicer place to live than Blackpool :)



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    You've been very busy, Gill, on several fronts.

    I'm sure your lad will manage. What a good start you've given him!

    I hope your Mum's anti-deps do help soon but the fact that she is talking to you daily is surely a big improvement. Well done on that score, too.

    I hope your housing problems work out. You deserve success.
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    Hello, I haven't replied before now (I did read through your first thread about your situation) because I have been somewhat absorbed in my troubles. :oops: I realise that this is far from easy for you but children do leave home (as did you at one point, yes?) and you have done a great deal to prepare your lad for this momentous event. Your life will change and we'll still be here, OK?

    I don't know what to say about your mum. She is obviously fragile and vulnerable but she is an adult. Moving from Blackpool to Cornwall may seem like a good idea but how far away would you then be from your children? This is far from an easy choice, I know that and I urge you not to make any hasty decisions. DD
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    Hi Gilly

    I am pleased to hear the progress your Mum has made - lots and lots, she's home on tablets and speaking to you.

    Who would have thought that a bit back!

    You have done your son proud there I am sure it will be a steep learning curve for him ( am doing similar for my FIRST off to University ), fingers crossed his upbringing will get him through.

    As for you - practically moved to Cornwall!!! I hope you get a lovely property down there - not too far from Weymouth either :)

    Love and ((()))

    Toni xxx
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    Sticky...thank you for your message, my housing will hopefully be sorted in the not to distant future.
    Just got of the phone to my mum and she is a bit brighter today, I think its the thought that I might be able to move there,her doctor is totally supporting the move. :)

    Hello DD, I have been reading some of your posts to and know what a difficult time you have been having recently, I'm not always sure what to say when I read peoples posts :?
    I have been thinking about moving to Cornwall for a number of years but wanted my son to finish his education first...
    I have 1 son in USA, one in Weymouth, 1 in Blackpool,who wants to move to Kent and the youngest moving to Sheffield, so all spread around :roll:

    Toni...It is good that she is now talking to me,it makes a big difference.
    Weymouth is a couple of hours drive from where I hope to move to,so will be nearish to one son... :) It will be all change for you,with one going to university,it feels strange when they leave :roll:

    thank you for your replies
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    Yes Gill

    I might be picking your brains for support :?

    I know it's the way things should be :( and I will cope.

    Life will certainly be quieter....there are 12 teenagers downstairs :shock:

    13 actually as my 15 year old just got home :roll:


    Toni xxx
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    You are welcome to pick my brains :lol:

    I will offer you any support I can... :)