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Hi. I have been confirmed as having OA in the 3 thumb joints and across my hand (right). I have been in pain for a long time and had been suffering with burning and numbness in my first 2 fingers and my thumb and was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome which eventually resulted in surgery in february of this year. They were monitoring my left hand as that was not as bad. Then I developed a different sort of pain and now I have this diagnosis. My GP said to take paracetamol and has also given me a precription for naproxen which he suggests taking for a month to give some relief. I will be able to get a repeat in the future if I find there are times the paracetamol is not enough. I cant see paracetamol being any help to me at all. I suffer from depression and am feeling really down. I have back pain as well and truthfully I am just not coping. I work in an office so an issue with my right hand (I am totally right handed) is really going to be a problem and I am scared for the future. I feel completely worn out and just come home from work and collapse on the sofa and spend most of the weekends sleeping. My GP sent me for a full set of blood tests which came back normal apart from having to have my kidneys retested in 3 months time. I almost wanted them to find something as it would explain why I feel so bad. I know I have the OA but why do I feel so bad. I know it could be because of the depression and maybe I need to go back on the medication but what if there is something else that I am ingoring thinking I am depressed? I am sorry to waffle but I am so confused and dont know where to start.


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    Hi and welcome
    I'm just catching up on posts today
    This site is great you will get lots of support on here
    I'm just trying to wake up so will pop bag to add a bit about my condition and how I cope maybe it will be of some help to you
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    I'm back again
    Most of us on here can relate with you
    I have had Osteo Arthritis for over 10 years and spondylo arthropathy a type of auto immune disease also known as a form of inflammatory arthritis
    All my joints are affected you name it I've got it there my hands and feet are the worst
    Arthritis is well known for chronic fatigue and chronic pain and depression often goes hand in hand with it
    I have a very good GP practice and rheumatology dept and are well supported by both
    Paracetamol does help with pain and inflammation as your GP says try it along with the naproxen to see if it helps it does take awhile to build up in your system so keep on with it
    You don't say if you are taking an antidepressant as these can help you get through the tough times
    As for work it is a struggle especially when your job means you are sat down using a computer day in day out
    Your work has to be seen to make adjustments to your working environment so you can keep working
    Work for me was a struggle for the last four years I was a staff nurse on a very busy ward and was constantly on my feet involving lots of manual handling and trundling back and forth to theatre took its toll
    So finally I gave in enough was enough I'd given then 30 yrs so at age 49 I managed to get ill health
    I to have had CTD but had both hands done at the same time so I didn't take too much time off work don't know why I bothered as my ward manager treat me appallingly afterwards which carried on for the last 3 years at work but that's another story!
    Life with arthritis is difficult without the help and advice of everyone on here I would not have got through it
    I think it's because we all experience the same sort of things and understand the pain we go through any one without arthritis have no idea how painful it it I try and explain its like having really bad toothache but in joints instead
    I hope this helps a little
    Keep fighting
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    Hi flick56
    I have just been working on a reply to send you when I noticed maria09 response, which she answered so empathically that I can't really add any more.

    If you would like to chat please give us a ring on our Helplines: 0808 800 4050 (Monday-Friday 10am-4pm)
    Best wishes